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Fahadullah Hussaini

Syed Fahadullah Hussaini is Dankanator’s TV critic and reporter. Fahad has written for platforms including Parhlo, Wonderful Engineering and Mangobaaz. Fahad’s work has also appeared on Dawn’s Young World, and on several Paparazzi issues. Fahad views TV as a resource rather than a medium. Laden richly with an extensive medley of ideas, cultures, facts, and fables. The writer taps on TV’s new and returning presentations, and channels out every bit of news related to them, along with objectively (and subjectively) analyzing their substance. Fahad is currently working on a short-stories collection, ‘Seven Colors Of Life’, which shall soon be available on his blog.

Jodie Comer In Line To Play Miss Honey In A New ‘Matilda’ Movie

My Mad Fat Diary actress Jodie comer is under scrutiny to camouflage into the character of Miss Honey in the upcoming Netflix musical Matilda (adapted from  Roald Dahl classic). According to The Daily Mail, Jodie Comer is expected to star in the film as Miss Honey. Fans, however, are surprised about the selection. Jodie Comer […]

Mark Hamill Teases Look From FX’s What We Do In The Shadows

Star Wars’ Luke Skywalker,  Mark Hamill to act in  FX’s What We Do in the Shadows. Earlier, What We Do in the Shadows creator Jemaine Clement revealed that Star Wars actor Mark Hamill would guest-star in season 2. The character, however, was not disclosed. It is now revealed that Hamill portrays an ancient bloodsucker in […]

Mädchen Amick Becomes Surprise Director For Riverdale Season 4 Finale

What! Mädchen Amick directed the unpredicted finale episode of CW Riverdale season 4. Riverdale episode 19, which aired Wednesday night, is the season 4 finale, directed by show’s own star Mädchen Amick, the very known- Alice Cooper. The episode, however, wasn’t the planned Riverdale finale. It is the current pandemic atmosphere that forces to halt […]

Sam Heughan’s Fans Recommend Their Outlander Star As Live Hercules

Sam Heughan’s fans advocated their Outlander star to play Hercules. A twitter post suggested Sam Heughan as an invigorative Hercules in the upcoming Disney’s live-action movie. Disney, in fact, has officially sketched the idea of making the live-action remake of the 1997 animated classic. Sam Heughan as Hercules In The Upcoming Disney’s Live-action Movie. As […]

Jenna Fischer Calls Out Dailymail And Just Jared For Spreading Hoax

The Office fame Jenna Fischer is, certainly, not happy with Daily Mail and Just Jared for labeling someone else’s images as Fischer and her husband Lee Kirk. She, in fact, shares a snapshot from Dailymail’s 4th May post with headlines claiming that Jenna Fischer and Lee Kirk were buying fresh produce from LA farmer’s market. […]

Frankie A. Rodriguez Throws Co-star Joe Serafini A Zoom Graduation Bash

The lethal coronavirus outbreak may have ceased TV and film production globally, but artists remain connected with peers and audiences. Zoom video calls have filled in for live human interactions, and now everything, from work to graduations is taking place over screens. Despite all accommodations, it can not be denied that the batch of 2020 […]

Sarah Paulson Publicized Holland Taylor’s Performance In Netflix Hollywood

The American Horror story actress, Sarah Paulson, is on a spree to circulate Holland Taylor’s  (her partner) exceptional performance in the Netflix series Hollywood. The seven-episodic Ryan Murphy Miniseries Hollywood is released on May 1st, 2020. Sarah Paulson Proclaimed Holland Taylor’s Acting In Netflix Hollywood One of the most influential actresses, Sarah Paulson, took to […]

Tom Hanks Is Kim Kardashian’s Favourite Actor

A recent Tweet reads; ‘Tom Hanks Is Kim Kardashian’s Favourite Actor’. Imagine, how curious would be the fans to get the real reason behind this admiration. Is it just a publicity stunt or the pop culture phenomenon is actually acknowledging the Forest Gump legendary actor Tom Hanks? You can expect anything from the media bomb […]

Chris Evans Joining Instagram was for Charity Amid Coronavirus

Captain America, our Chris Evans, landed on Instagram along with six Marvel’s The Avengers superheroes for another notable cause. It’s for a charitable cause amid coronavirus pandemic. Now, fans can win a virtual hang-out with their favorite stars. Moreover, whatever money is raised in this cause will help the people affected by Coronavirus Pandemics. Chris […]

The Politician Season 2 Will Still Premiere In June

The deadly COVID-19 outbreak has put global TV and film production on hold. But thankfully for Netlfix, which was already deep into its 2021 slate before the pandemic shrouded any further filming, it won’t have to deal with lack of content for the time being. Netflix is launching shows as per schedule, and new seasons […]