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Anam Mahmood

From R&B and hip-hop to mellow jazz tunes and classics, Anam passionately loves music and everything related to it. So be it track reviews, upcoming artists or new album releases, she stays on top of it all for you. Stay tuned for regular updates on your favorite music artists and latest trends in the music industry!

Dua Lipa To Release New Album Soon

‘New Rules’ songwriter and singer, Dua Lipa, just revealed some new information about her upcoming 2019 album. While speaking on the red carpet of the Nordoff Robins’ Silver Clef Awards – where she won best female artist – she said it was coming soon. She further went on to say that since her last album, […]

John Legend On Legendary Vacation With His Adorable Kids

If you’re spending your summers locked inside, get ready to get real jealous. ‘All of Me’ star, John Legend, is currently vacationing away in Portofino, Italy with wife Chrissy Teigen and children. And it looks like the ultimate dream vacation we all want to go on. It was right in time for the Fourth of […]

The Weeknd’s BBTM Song ‘The Hills’ Is Now Diamond Certified

Major BBTM feels. ‘The Hills’ by The Weeknd is now officially diamond certified! But are you surprised? I mean, it was bound to happen (and should’ve happened a long time ago). At one point, people (and the radio) almost got annoying acting like ‘The Hills’ was the best Weeknd song ever (because it was the only […]

Beyoncé Faces Real Lion As She Teases ‘The Lion King’

All hail the lioness queen of the jungle: Beyoncé. The world-famous songstress and pop star posted a picture on Instagram that has already amassed over 2.5 million Insta likes. It shows Queen Beyoncé in all of her blinding glory as she stands directly facing a ‘real’ lion. More accurately, she stands facing her alternate personality/character, […]

Why Lindsay Lohan Got Naked On Instagram

33 might be the new 22! ‘Mean Girls’ star, Lindsay Lohan has come a long way since that movie. Right before her 33rd birthday, Lindsay Lohan took to Instagram to post a naked picture of herself. She took the photo in front of what looks like a full-length mirror in her bedroom. She can be […]

Sheryl Crow, Eminem, Nirvana’s Music Tapes Were Destroyed In Fire

In Sheryl Crow’s words: It feels a little apocalyptic. It feels like we’re slowly erasing things that matter. That’s what the American singer had to say when she found out about the drastic 2008 Universal Studios fire that apparently burnt up the master tapes (original recordings) of her hit albums. She discovered the news only […]

Iggy Azalea Loves Her “Sickening” Album Cover

Iggy Azalea has finally come out with some fresh new rap songs! But obviously there are controversies involved. Her much-delayed upcoming album, “In My Defense”, has been anticipated for a very long time. But what fans didn’t see coming was its explicitly graphic album cover. It depicts Azalea covered in blood at the scene of what […]

Tyga On A Roll With New Album Legendary

Generally, rappers these days tend to get a tad bit too sexual in a lot of their songs. Tyga is no exception. The clearly eminent theme in most of today’s popular rap music is sex if not drugs, money or booze. It started when Tyga released the song ‘Taste’ about one whole year ago, which […]

The Weeknd Deactivates Instagram Thanks To XO Fans

Okay, maybe it wasn’t entirely because of fans but we did annoy him quite a bit about the upcoming album. The Weeknd deactivated his Instagram account this week and it might be because he needed some space. Chapter VI is on its way, and the XO fam has been very impatiently waiting for it. It’s […]

Beyoncé’s Soothing Voice As Nala in Disney’s New Lion King Teaser

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you know that Beyoncé Knowles-Carter (Queen of the World), is part of the highly anticipated, upcoming Lion King movie. The live-action Disney remake will probably break the box office this July. And Beyoncé is playing the role of Nala (Simba’s childhood best friend and grown-up lover), […]