Miley Cyrus and Gerald Butler Lose Homes Amid California Wildfires

Miley Cyrus, Gerald Butler Lose Homes Amid California Wildfires

The deadly California Wildfires have set ablaze more than just forest strips. Forcing the evacuation of more than 75000 houses, the fires in Woolsey, Malibu, and Paradise, have so far killed more than 30 people. The Malibu and Calabasas wildfires have even expelled Hollywood bigwigs like Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Rainn Wilson, out of their houses. These California Wildfires also went on to burn down completely the elegant Malibu hill house of Caitlyn Jenner. In addition to this Gerald Butler also lost his Malibu house. The California Wildfires have additionally ruined HBO’s Westworld set; as well as, the Bachelor House, a set to the ABC TV show. Latest developments confirm that amid the California Wildfires ,teen sensation and vegan star, Miley Cyrus has lost her abode today due to the wildfires.

Miley Cyrus Loses House

25 year old Miley Cyrus announced the devastating news on Instagram account today day in Instagram story. She later went ahead to tweet about  it too.

In another tweet, Cyrus shared details of how to donate to various bodies involved in the relief effort.

Miley Cyrus Manages To Rescue Her Pets

While Miley Cyrus lost her residence in the California Wildfires, she was able to do a noble task by rescuing animals from the fire. The California Wildfires continue to burn down thousands of houses. And this has become a major source of worry. However, there is less awareness about how the wildfires are affecting wildlife. Several animals have died due to the wildfires. Thankfully, some selective celebrities like Miley Cyrus are now voicing their concerns over this matter.

Owing to the wildfires wild animals, as well as those kept in zoos, are in the danger zone. According to reports, many domesticated animals were left behind when people evacuated themselves.

Miley Cyrus; however, announced that her animals are a significant part of her life. Moreover, she announced that she was glad that she was able to make it out safely with her pets.

Miley Cyrus Grateful For Liam Hemsworth

The former Disney star also emphasized how grateful she was for her fiancé, Liam Hemsworth. She typed his title as “the love of her life” in capital letters.

The Malibu House Of Gerald Butler Also Destroyed

There are several celebrities who lost their homes in the California wildfires actor Gerard Butler posted on Instagram that his Melbourne house was half gone. Both Gerald Butler and Miley Cyrus talked about how the California wildfires are causing a difficult and devastating time for the people living there as well as for the celebrities who lost their homes in the California wildfires.

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