Trisha Paytas responds to bullying claims by Courtney Stodden

For the past few weeks, things are getting worse and worse for Trisha Paytas. Recently, model and singer, Courtney Stodden came forward with bullying allegations against them. According to them, Paytas impersonated Stodden and joked about seducing men as an adolescent. At the same time, they accused Paytas of using offensive words for people with intellectual disabilities. After their post, Paytas came forward with an apology, which wasn’t an apology. It’s just confusing.

Recently, Courtney Stodden posted an Instagram video of Trisha Paytas impersonating them

Although they have deleted the post now, they accused Trisha Paytas of mocking Stodden and being highly insensitive. They posted a video of Paytas where they impersonated Stodden. At the age of 16, they got married to a 51-year-old man. Due to their marriage, they had to face a lot of backlash and criticism. Mostly, people criticized Courtney Stodden for marrying an older man. However, they revealed later that their ex-husband, Doug Hutchison groomed them. Despite the divorce, Stodden is still dealing with the backlash and s** shaming. Therefore, Trisha Paytas impersonating them is not okay. In a since-deleted video, Trisha Paytas is seen dressed up as Courtney Stodden and saying:

You can seduce with your prepubescent body. So the first thing, it helps to be born semi-retarded. Because you won’t know what’s inappropriate or that you’re going to be miserable your whole life. And if they get sick of your laugh or your seduction technique, they can just lock you in a basement.

With the video, Stodden wrote a long caption, stating their views about the video

Anyone who watched the video knows that Trisha Paytas was highly insensitive. In the caption, Courtney Stodden stated that as a favor, they appeared on Trisha Paytas’ podcast. This shows that they trusted Paytas. However, Paytas really hurt them. They wrote:

“Most days I have to fight to get through but once I crawl into bed, I feel blessed I had another chance to fight. I know it’s hard out there, but try to remind yourself, if you look, there is always something to be grateful for.”

At the same time, Stodden shared how they felt that they were a laughing stock for the entire world due to their marriage. As a result, they lost all love and self-respect. They also fell into a deep depression which haunts them to this day. Furthermore, they said:

“‘Prepubescent bodies’ are not jokes. They are not ours to abuse. They are not ours to exploit. In my case, I was also being tormented by a listers, YouTube celebrities, news anchors, talk show hosts and more… Stay kind… and be forgiving. Life is about learning. But above all, protect our children. #bullying #trishapaytas”

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In response to this, Trisha Paytas came forward with their views in a video


Although it was an apology video, Trisha Paytas seemed confused as to what they should say. At the beginning of the video, they said that they have turned comments off on all social media. Furthermore, they said that they felt sick and awful. At the same time, they admitted that whatever they said about Courtney Stodden was awful and shouldn’t have said it. Therefore, Trisha Paytas has deleted 1300 videos where they talked about other people in the past. They said:

“I felt sick to my stomach I had them up there this long. There’s a lot of disgusting things. It’s not who I am. It’s embarrassing, and I’m ashamed. I just needed attention and I did whatever I could for it. I just didn’t care about other people. But I feel guilt on a daily basis. Despite that, you can’t delete the internet. But the videos I deleted is a step forward. The stuff I said in the past, I don’t agree with anymore. That’s why I have stopped posting so much. Although, it feels weird.”

Although Courtney Stodden’s post about Trisha Paytas got viral, they have since deleted it. Hopefully, they both sorted things in private.

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