Is the end of Trisha Paytas near?

Since Ethan Klein removed a video of Trisha Paytas from YouTube, things are getting worse for them. Apparently, Paytas wrongly accused a high school teacher of sexual assault. Due to this, the teacher’s family received a lot of hate. After the news came out that it might have been a false accusation, people came after Paytas. There is a petition to remove them from social media forever. At the same time, Tana Mongeau has also deleted their episode from her podcast. On the other hand, the YouTuber themself are removing videos from their channel.

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Last week, Ethan Klein addressed Trisha Paytas in a tweet

According to him, Trisha Paytas accused a high school teacher of inappropriate behavior on the Frenemies podcast. In a TikTok video, they called out the teacher with his name and encouraged their fans to look him up. Although the teacher have passed away, his family had to deal with a lot of hate. Paytas also claimed that the teacher served time in jail for the possession of child p**graphy. However, there is no evidence of it. In a tweet, Klein revealed that he has deleted that video from YouTube and urged Paytas to come forward with facts.

After that, things have gone from bad to worse for them

In August, Trisha Paytas appeared on an episode of Tana Mongeau’s podcast, Cancelled. During the episode, they talked about Gabbie Hanna, Frenemies, their mental health, and OnlyFans. However, the episode cannot be found on YouTube now. It seems that Mongeau has deleted it from the podcast channel. While the reason behind it is unknown, it might be because of Paytas’ growing opposition.

At the same time, Paytas is also deleting past videos from their channel. It is a known fact that Trisha Paytas has a habit of telling lies and changing their stories all the time. According to people, they might be getting rid of the evidence. Before people dig up more false tales of them, they have decided to permanently remove the evidence. Some people are speculating that they have deleted the videos that Mysterious, a YouTube channel, used to expose them. According to reports, Trisha Paytas has removed videos with at least 1 billion views. That is a huge loss for them.

At the same time, there is a petition to remove Trisha Paytas from all social media

Although this is not the first time that there has been a petition against them, it seems serious this time. According to the petition addressed to the CEO of YouTube, Trisha Paytas might need mental help as soon as possible. It also states:

This woman spouts racist, homophobic, and all-around disgusting things that if anyone else said it, they would be ridiculed and targeted. Her YouTube career has been a joke.

Furthermore, Paytas was accused of promoting s** and in**t to underage viewers. At the same time, they have scammed the followers multiple times. The petition also addressed Trisha Paytas and Moses’ toxic and manipulative relationship. Finally, the petition stated that Paytas should be off YouTube for good. If their demand is not fulfilled, the petitioners threatened to sue YouTube itself.

So far, the petition has received 100,000 signatures. If it reaches its limit, Trisha Paytas might get into trouble. Looks like it is the end of Paytas era is near.

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