Is the Tayler Holder and Harry Jowsey Twitter Beef Just a Promotion for a possible Triller Fight?

Ohh well!! I don’t even know how I should react to this act of craziness between Harry Jowsey and Tayler Holder. Though we all know that both Harry and Tayler are good friends. And both of them are workout freaks as well. But Tayler has been practicing boxing for a very long time. So we don’t know if Harry has been doing any sort of boxing practice or not. A couple of months ago Harry called out Jake Paul for a boxing match. Because apparently, Jake stole his girlfriend Julia Rose. And things went super ugly between them. When Paparazzi asked Jake for his remarks on Harry’s invitation for the fight. Jake replied,

I mean he lost his girlfriend to me in three days. He is delusional, he is a reality star. And he is out of touch with reality“.

Apart from this, Harry has called out many celebrities for a fight. But he has been only doing it for fun. So we don’t really know if he is serious about fighting Tayler or not. Though Tayler, on the other hand, fought AnEsonGib in the YouTube vs Tiktok boxing match organized by Social Gloves. The match was declared a draw at first. And later, AnEson was announced as the winner. But Tayler was one hell of a good opponent. Since yesterday, Harry and Tayler have been teasing each other on social media. Let’s see if they are really serious to fight under Triller’s next boxing match which is happening in September.

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Tayler Holder & Harry Jowsey’s entertaining Twitter Spat | Are they actually going to fight each other?

So Tayler Holder and Harry Jowsey were hanging out together yesterday. They seemed to be in a really good mood as well. And their Twitter spat kind of seems scripted.

OMG No!! Harry did not just call Tayler a punk after spending the whole day with him making silly videos on TikTok.

And then Tayler gets back at Harry by posting a bunch of tweets. But he could have just left Francesca alone from this mess. But he didn’t.

Oh well! Maybe he likes it with a hint of k*nk. But anyways, Tayler didn’t stop here as he kept on posting tweets with dual meanings.

Uhh-Ohh!! What kind of fall is he actually talking about? Let’s try to figure it out.

Don’t know why Tayler is dragging Francesca in this whole thing. It’s not making any sense.

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Tayler Holder and Harry Jowsey should actually do the “worst tweet challenge” rather than a “boxing match”

No guys, they didn’t put a stop to their silly Tweets. And I am trying really hard to figure out why Tayler is still dragging Harry’s ex-girlfriend Francesca in his Twitter beef with Harry. So Harry apparently wants to slap Tayler.

Why? Because Tayler won’t just stop dragging Francesca in this whole Twitter beef. And claiming that Harry is still in love with his ex-girlfriend. I guess he can say the same thing about you Tayler. But he is being a bigger and mature person here by not dragging Charly Jordan into the Twitter beef.

Tayler even said that Harry has forgotten acting since he joined Netflix’s reality TV shows. And he was upset with Harry for not following him on social media. And Harry tries to come back at Tayler but fails miserably.

Let us know if you guys want to see Harry and Tayler fighting in the upcoming Triller Fight Match which is happening in September. Triller, has not announced Tayler vs Harry. So we don’t really know if they’re just poking fun at each other or it’s really going to happen.

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