Bryce Hall was left out of the Sway House Boys reunion, and people are noticing it

Although Bryce Hall has left Sway House, the drama surrounding their dispute is still haunting him. After his departure, Sway House boys reunited and made a TikTok video. Instantly, fans noticed the timing of the video and the shade of it all.

After abandoning Sway House, Bryce Hall joined hands with his rivals

When Bryce Hall announced the news of his departure, it rocked the entire TikTok world. However, some speculated that it was bound to happen. For some time now, Sway House has begun crumbling when the members kept leaving one by one. Despite that, fans did not expect Hall to leave. However, he confirmed in a tweet that it is indeed happening. But Bryce Hall is not one to leave without making some noise. When a fan asked the reason, he said:

Honestly? I need a friend group that works… I party, don’t get me wrong, I party my ass off, but no-one works as hard as me in the group. It’s true. I need a good friend group that grinds but also parties. And that’s us guys, we party, we grind, we do business shi*t.

At the same time, Bryce Hall shocked everyone when he joined Hype House. In a video, he revealed to his fans that he was moving into a new place. When he parked the car, Thomas Petrou greeted him and gave him a tour of the Hype House. This was their way of announcing that Hall is the newest member of the house.

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Few days back, some of the Sway House boys reunited and made a TikTok video

After Bryce hall joined Hype House, Sway House got back together. Although it’s not confirmed if they’re back for good or just hanging out. While Hall claimed that he has no friends left, Sway House boys seem to be getting along just fine. In a TikTok video posted by Blake Gray, Josh Richards, Noah Beck, and Markell Washington are seen dancing. Blake wrote in the caption:

Made this at 1 am last night lollll

Immediately, fans noticed the timing of the video and had a lot to say


When the fans of Sway House and Bryce Hall watched the TikTok, they recognized the shade being thrown at Hall. One user commented that they all might address Bryce Hall’s departure on BFFs podcast. Meanwhile, another reminded them that they would be in debt if it wasn’t for Hall. According to one user, the video must have triggered Hall. At the same time, Hall’s fans were not at all happy to see this mini-reunion. They wanted to see him back and thought that he deserved better.

In response to that, one Instagram user said:

Bryce hall stans are so mortifying. it’s a whole cult. Compare tiktok rooms comments on literally any other post to the comments on posts involving bryce hall and the vibes are completely different. They treat him like a misunderstood baby. He doesn’t do anything wrong in their eyes, somehow he is always the victim who was provoked. It’s really really scary the sorts of para social relationships people develop.

Despite the mini-reunion, it is not confirmed that Sway House boys are going to make content together. It might be just a one-time thing. So far, Bryce Hall or his former friends have not commented.

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