Why Bryce Hall really left Sway House

A few days back, Bryce Hall announced that he is leaving Sway House. At that time, he did not share the reason for his departure. However, he is opening up about his exit from the collective house. Although members have left in the past, Hall’s departure is a huge blow for the house.

Established in 2020, Sway House provided a platform for emerging TikTokers and aspiring YouTubers

Before they became household names, TikTokers had to really struggle to create content that would make them stand out. Despite having good ideas, they needed a boost and a good budget. Therefore, collective houses like Sway House and Hype House vowed to help TikTokers like Bryce Hall. The houses took these struggling youngsters to the top where there is money, fame, and so many views. According to Talent X founder, Michael Gruen, who also co-founded Sway House, they only had one goal. They set out to change the perception of social media stardom. Looking at the success of these stars now, Gruen has definitely achieved that goal.

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Few days back, Bryce Hall announced his departure from Sway House


For over a year, Sway House members including Bryce Hall, entertained the viewers, enjoyed the fame and love of their fans. However, the foundations of the house have started to crumble. While members have been coming and going since the beginning, it is Hall’s exit that is really troubling. In a cryptic tweet, he announced that he left Sway. Similarly, he posted a TikTok in an empty room and said:

Goodbye sway… never talking to any of u again (maybe some).

Although Bryce Hall did not give further information, it indicates that there is major drama within the group. Interestingly, the members have also started to unfollow each other on social media.

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After a lot of questions from the fans, Bryce Hall finally revealed the reason of his exit

Initially, the reason behind Sway House’s end seemed to be the members’ complicated relationships. While it is true for some members like Josh Richards and Jaden Hossler, it is not the case for Bryce Hall. According to him, he left because he was the only one working hard. In an Instagram video, he said:

“Honestly I need a friend group that works. I party, don’t get that wrong, I party my a** off but no one works as hard as me in the group. It’s true and I need a good friend group that grinds but also parties, and that’s us guys. We party, we grind, we do business sh*t.”

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Although this indicates that he is happily moving on, it might not be the complete truth. After leaving the house, Bryce Hall gave an update about his life. In an Instagram story, he admitted to having no friends anymore. He said:

“I just fully moved out of the Sway House. I get my place, by myself, on the first of September, so I’m going to be jumping around for two weeks like a f**king rabbit. I’m an adult, I’m 22, living by myself, doing everything myself, and now I have no friends so hit me up if you want to be friends.”

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Initially, it looked like that this move will bring new opportunities and avenues for Bryce Hall. However, it can become a bit lonely for someone who has always been surrounded by people. Let’s see where this decision takes Bryce Hall.

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