TikToker goes viral as she looks like Trisha Paytas and Tana Mongeau, at the same time!

You must have heard about doppelgangers. But have you ever heard of a person who is a doppelganger of two people at the same time? Interestingly, a TikToker is going viral for looking like Trisha Paytas and Tana Mongeau. Since the news came out, people are debating if she’s more Paytas lookalike or Mongeau.

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While Trisha Paytas and Tana Mongeau are both social media stars, they have their own distinct styles

Despite their 10 year age gap, the twos stars have a prominent presence on social media. Although they started their YouTube channel in 2006, Trisha Paytas got success in 2013. They started posting trolling videos which gained them a lot of views. In 2017, Trisha Paytas became a housemate on Celebrity Big Brother 20. At the same time, Paytas have released several EPs and singles including Fat Chick, Leonardo DiCaprio, Daddy Issues and I Love You Moses. They have also featured on many podcasts like Frenemies. At the beginning of this year, Paytas gained popularity on TikTok and Only Fans.

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On the other hand, Tana Mongeau is a seasoned YouTuber famous for her ‘storytime’ videos. However, her entire social media career has been stained with controversies. In 2018, she announced to launch her own convention named TanaCon. However, the entire event turned out to be a huge disaster due to mismanagement. At the moment, she hosts a podcast called Cancelled.

Recently, a TikToker became famous for looking like Paytas and Mongeau


Although she is a doppelganger of both, the resemblance switches from Trisha Paytas to Tana Mongeau depending on the angel. On TikTok, Jazmyn Forrest, with the handle of Tanamongeau2, posted videos of herself. In the video, she is lip-syncing to one of Tana’s videos. Instantly, people noticed how much she looks like Trisha Paytas and Tana Mongeau. However, some think she resembles Mongeau more than Paytas. When Forrest was asked about this, she said:

“I think Trisha Paytas and Tana are both pretty. I’ve watched Trisha for longer, like ten years or something, like since she was addicted to fake tan. And hopefully, me and her can collab.”

Source: urlebird.com

Despite the video going viral, Trisha Paytas and Tana Mongeau have not responded yet.

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