Everything we know of Netflix’s ‘Hollywood’ season 2

It seems that Netflix’s Hollywood season 2 can be possible despite the doubts. Last year, Ryan Murphy brought us a fresh take on 40s Tinsel town which made quarantine a bit bearable. However, it was supposed to be a miniseries only. But fans wanted more and it might actually happen soon.

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At the peak of pandemic last year, Ryan Murphy made a special Netflix show, making quarantine easier.

In his version of 1940s Hollywood, dreams came true, people could love whoever they wanted and everyone was given equal rights. Needless to say, it was the opposite of reality. Despite it being pure fantasy, the show got a lot of love from the viewers. However, many critics disagreed with the message of this show. Mainly, they thought Ryan Murphy tried to alter the real events. At the same time, it discredited the real struggle of people like Hattie McDaniel and Anna May Wong. According to the critics, the show could not create cohesion in the two themes it followed. One being the retelling of the nastier side of Hollywood and presenting the fairytale version. When the show came out, Hollywood season 2 was not in the mix at all. Murphy only wanted it to be a miniseries. However, things might be changing now.

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While the details of Hollywood season 2 are unclear, the makers are very much interested in it

After the success of the first season, fans wanted Hollywood season 2 as soon as possible. Back then, Ryan Murphy also said that he is not even thinking about it, neither he has talked to Netflix about season 2. However, prospects of Hollywood season 2 happening have increased since then. One of the executive producers, Janet Mock, responded to a tweet and said:

We have a very similar vision… 😉 IF we were to tell another HOLLYWOOD story. #hollywoodnetflix


When a fan inquired about Hollywood season 2 from Ryan Murphy, he said:

Well HOLLYWOOD was planned as a Limited series, but it’s become so popular that everyone is asking for another season. So who knows? I sure do love this cast though. xo.

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If Hollywood season 2 happens, what can it be about?

While it can be about many things, it would be interesting to see the 60s era highlighted. New Hollywood, also known as American New Wave and Hollywood Renaissance started in the mid-60s and lasted till the early 80s. In this era, the film director got the power rather than the studio playing the main role. After the audience got sick of watching musicals and historical films, the studios decided to change things. In order to tackle that situation, studios hired young filmmakers who made films on new subjects. The audience was influenced by European and Japanese cinema and wanted something like that. Therefore, the newcomers changed the landscape entirely. If anyone can capture that era, it can only be Ryan Murphy in Hollywood season 2.

Although there is no official news about Hollywood season 2, we hope that it becomes a reality soon. In fact, we should all start a petition.

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