Tati Westbrook Tries on Airbrush Makeup

Tati Westbrook is a YouTuber who recently returned to the internet after a year away… She’s the founder of Halo Beauty which is a supplement line, and Tati Beauty, a cosmetics company. Tati recently posted a video on her YouTube in which she gave her thoughts on the much-anticipated Temptu Airbrush Makeup Kit.

Let us just quickly give you some information on the products before getting into what Tati had to say about it.


Temptu Airbrush kit is a great starter kit that includes everything you need to start airbrushing like a pro. Ant that too in no time. It provides a perfect range of Foundation, as well as best-selling hues of perfect Canvas Blush, Highlighter, and Bronzer. The kit also has top-feed Airpod Pro airbrush cartridges.

source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfKviAQp6NU&ab_channel=Tati

Tati conducted the entire AIRBRUSH kit wear trial test from morning till night. She not only reviewed this video in detail but she also does it with all of the other products she evaluates.
Her videos have a learning curve, so I’m keen to learn her ways of applying the makeup products with the help of AIRBRUSH kit. The Airbrush has the advantage of making the skin appear as if it has no makeup on it.

One of the beautiful things about using the AirBrush is that you can simply apply it to the neck and decollete, making it ideal for body bronzing products. In my view, the blush looked absolutely stunning on her. The highlighter on the other hand comes out strangely, and she initially mistook it for a missing highlighter. The makeup artist explains that she is unable to express her feelings about it.

I have to say personally. I am loving the foundation.

Tati Westbrook.

She thinks the airbrush is good to apply foundation. Because its result turned out really nice and consistent, especially from the neck to the face, the foundation application was really smooth.

But if you are a makeup artist, you are going to enjoy using the Airbrush technique on other people. As for using it on yourself, you have to close your eyes while applying the foundation. So it gets harder that way to apply products.
Tati also stated that her skin feels nice and tight. It doesn’t feel dried out or look crinkly matte, it just feels smoothed out. The pores look small and the powder went on top of it beautifully.

6 Hours Later

The first check-in she did was 6 hours later of using the Airbrush technique makeup. The foundation was still there. And it was a tad more matte than she prefers. “I have to say, I am so shocked the blush is still there”.

9.5 hours Later

The beauty guru explained that the makeup did not wow her in the way she was hoping it would. She didn’t really feel like saying it was terrible because there are still more of the Airbrush techniques she wants to try. And maybe once she gets a hang of using it, she can do it better. The root touch-up and hair color she tried at the end was incredible.

Personally, I think it’s a fantastic product, especially now that hygiene is so crucial. Tell us what you think. Is it worth it or not? Have you seen the review yet, if not go check it out?

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