Vitor Belfort offers training to Bryce Hall after knocking him out

UFC legend Vitor Belfort knocked out Bryce Hall in the ring a few days ago. However, Vitor showed magnanimity and after the fight, he decided to help out Bryce and offered training to him. Bryce Hall also had a boxing fight with Austin a month ago, which he lost terribly. Will Bryce get better after his training or there’s no hope for him?

Influencer boxing is a big thing these days and fans are crazy over it. From KSI to Logan Paul, everyone is stepping into the ring against some influencer. Bryce is famous for his TikToks but he’s trying to get into the whole influencer boxing game as well. Austin organized a YouTubers vs TikTokers event recently and the first match was between Austin and Bryce. Bryce lost the match against McBroom, but he did not lose hope as Austin only won by technical knockout in the fight. Fans were pretty sure that Bryce won’t return to the ring because of his recent fight, but he surprised them all.

Recently, a video went viral on the internet where Bryce was fighting against Vitor Belfort. Now, Vitor is a UFC legend and Bryce is merely what we call a ‘boxer’ but he wasn’t afraid to go against the UFC legend. In the video, Bryce gets punched by Vitor and falls to the ground. Hall then curls into a fetal position and starts moaning. Many people including us thought that it wasn’t such a great idea to fight a UFC boxer when Bryce had almost no training. You might have figured out by now who won the match.

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Vitor Belfort offers to train Bryce Hall


When the video went viral, people started laughing at Bryce. Many people pointed out that he is just making fun of himself at this point and has no training to fight a professional boxer. Vitor thought that it was time to change that and surprised us all by doing something we thought he would never do. Vitor instead offered to train the TikToker. He told Bryce:

I see a lot of toughness in you, but you are a bull who has to be trained. I wanna ask you guys to find him an opponent, the same day I fight Oscar. You come, you train like a fighter. My rules become your rules. Find you an opponent, I’ll be your trainer.

Looks like, Vitor is all ready to be Bryce’s new trainer. People applauded when they heard the announcement and you could tell by the applause that they were genuinely happy to see that Bryce will finally have a good trainer. We are also very excited to see what Bryce brings next after he starts his training with Vitor.

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