Matt Damon talks about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez dating again

There’s a new/old celebrity couple that is the talk of the town these days. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are officially back together and fans are here for it! The couple used to date back in 2000 but broke up due to some reason. However, they are now back together again, a little older and a little wise. Now, Matt Damon told the press what he thinks about the couple.

Seven years ago, Ben and Jennifer called off their engagement but they are reunited again. Before their reunion, Jennifer was dating Alex Rodriguez and Ben was married Jennifer Garner, before having a fling with Ana De Armas. The couple was slowly moving on from their breakups and they are taking things up a notch. They have been seen together many times in the last few months but nothing was confirmed. Ben Affleck was spotted at Lopez’s preferred gym in Anatomy Miami Beach.

A few weeks ago, Jennifer celebrated her 52nd birthday and also made the news of her dating Ben official. She posted a picture of her kissing Ben and the internet went crazy over it.

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What does Matt Damon has to say about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck dating?

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Matt Damon did an interview recently with Showtime’s Desus & Mero where co-host Desus Nice asked Matt’s opinion on ‘Bennifer’. Desus asked Matt if it’s weird having his boy in a relationship that’s all over the news. To that, Damon replied:

Well, yeah it’s weird. I have to say, the press was particularly terrible to them, like, 18 years ago. What’s nice is that at least they’re being nice this time around.

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Damon also told Extra that:

I’m just so happy for him. He’s the best. He deserves every happiness in the world. I’m glad for both of them.

Matt and Ben have been friends for 40 years or so which is a great deal. Matt added that their favorite pro baseball team is still among his pal’s top priorities. He also added that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are on a vacation right now but Ben responded when Matt hit him up about the Red Sox yesterday. Matt and Ben’s friendship is definitely one of the sweetest things we have seen and it was nice to hear such amazing things Matt had to say about Bennifer.

In the interview, Matt also discussed his upcoming movie ‘The Last Duel’ which was co-written by Ben Affleck. The duo also co-wrote one of the most popular films of all time, ‘Good Will Hunting’ which was released 20 years ago. Damon talked about their 1997 film and said that it’s been a huge learning curve for him, saying:

We didn’t know what we were doing. It took us a long time because we were just kind of winging it, but we’ve learned a thing or two in the last 30 years, and so it was a more professional process this time around.

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