Gabbie Hanna returns to YouTube, only to roast Jessi Smiles

Just a week ago, Gabbie Hanna announced that she is permanently quitting social media. However, that did not last long as she’s back on Youtube. What could be the reason for her return? In her latest video, she talks about her former friend and fellow YouTuber Jessi Smiles and reveals that Jessi became “dangerously attached” to the “short-lived friendship”.

Just a week ago, Gabbie posted a video on her YouTuber channel which was titled ‘Sorry… I’m Late’. In the description of her video, she wrote a long note in which she talked about her mental health and how it has been compromised. The purpose of this video was to announce that she is going offline entirely. She also turned off the comments on the video, maybe because she had been receiving a lot of criticism in the comments section. But surprisingly enough, people were nice to her. Most viewers were happy that she was focusing on her mental health, but some people didn’t buy the whole ‘mental health’ thing seriously.

Looks like, Gabbie couldn’t really stay offline and had to come back to YouTube. She posted a video on her channel on 28th July which was titled ‘Ch.6.1: Smiles For The Camera‘. The video is more than an hour-long, and in it she addresses an old feud with Alex James. She revealed that Alex used to mock her nose, but this was not all she talked about in the video.

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Gabbie Hanna roasts Jessi Smiles, saying she keeps lying


In the video, Gabbie also talked about her former friend Jessi Smiles and she was kind of harsh on her, we think. In the description of her video, she wrote that she wanted to be done talking about this (Jessi Smiles) in 2015, but she had to because Jessi and her friends kept lying. She also added that she felt the need to defend herself, but she just wanted to say her piece and never look back. In the video, Gabbie said that it’s a little hard to understand Jessi as she put out a tweet saying Gabbie Hanna should be stopped in 2019. And then, Jessi posted a video in which she called Gabbie her “ex-best friend”. Gabbie added in her video:

Jessi has been obsessed with the narrative… that we had this crazy, toxic fallout between us. I knew (her) for like… five-to-seven months.

She also posted screenshots of some of her previous conversations with Jessie, emphasizing that Jessi had admitted that they both hurt each other.

Gabbie also gave a shout-out to her fans, praising them and their support. As of right now, Jessi Smiles has not responded to Gabbie’s claims yet, but we would love to hear her side of the story as well. What are your thoughts on Gabbie’s video? Do you think she’s telling the truth? Let us know in the comments.

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