Bryce Hall gets knocked out by UFC legend Vitor Belfort

After losing the boxing match against Austin McBroom in the Battle of the Platforms event, Bryce Hall once again got knocked out by another boxer. A TikTok went viral in which Bryce sparred against Vitor Belfort who is known to be the UFC middleweight legend.

Bryce Hall is trying to get into the influencer boxing game. This whole trend started back in 2018 when Joe Weller fought KSI in the ring. After that, Logan Paul then had a match against KSI and the trend just kicked on. After these matches, the influencers’ boxing against each other became a norm. Even recently, Austin organized a YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event.

In the boxing event, the initial fight was between Austin and Bryce. Unfortunately for Bryce, it wasn’t a lucky day and he lost the fight against Austin. The match between them was supposed to last five rounds but it ended after the third round because Austin won by technical knockout. But, looks like Bryce is not giving up hope even after getting defeated. A video is making rounds on the internet in which Bryce Hall is fighting Vitor Belfort. But, that didn’t end well for him either.

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Bryce Hall and Vitor Belfort are seen fighting each other!


Recently, a TikToker named theSyncUp posted the video in which Bryce Hall is seen getting punched by the UFC Legend Vitor. Vitor is best known for having the most knockouts in UFC history and it might not have been a good idea to fight against him. But, Bryce did it anyway and he had to pay the price. In the video, Bryce falls to the ground after getting punched in the chest. He then curls into a fetal position and starts moaning. After that, Belfort gives a sneaky smile to the people as he knocked Bryce out in the ring, and everyone knows for certain who won the match.


@Bryce Hall just boxed and wrestled vitorbelfort!! HE HAS THE MOST KNOCKOUTS IN #UFC HISTORY!!! #foryou #brycehall

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This video was later posted by DefNoodles on Instagram and the comment under it are hilarious. And needless to say, the comment section was brutal for Bryce. One person even asked if he has a ‘humiliation kink’ while the other asked ‘why does he keep doing to himself?’. Some of the comments were brutal as a person said that Bryce has no skill and no power. Another user also wrote ‘maybe he will stop fighting now’. All jokes aside, we hope that Bryce is not badly hurt and also that he gets proper training before stepping into the ring with a UFC legend. But, what do you guys think of this knockout? Let us know in the comments below.

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