Bryce Hall talks about kissing Ari Aguirre & Harry Jowsey

Bryce Hall was seen kissing one of Tana Mongeau’s friends outside a bar. The picture went viral a few days ago and Bryce finally responded to the viral image. He confirmed in a recent video that it was him and Ari Aguirre in that picture making out.

After the viral kiss, people started wondering whether the influencer is bise*ual or not. The same kind of news took over the internet a few years ago as well. In 2015, Bryce was seen with Mikey Barone on several occasions. People thought that he might be dating Mikey but neither of them confirmed anything. Once again, Bryce’s fans are wondering if he is bise*ual, and looks like Bryce might have an answer for us this time.

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Bryce Hall responds to a picture of him kissing Ari Aguirre

We have seen Bryce with many girls before. He was in a relationship with Tiktok star Addison Rae. Addison broke it off with Bryce because he cheated on her. At least that’s what we have heard. Since Bryce has always been seen with girls we just assumed that he is straight but his latest picture says something else.

It was said that the guy in the viral picture is Tana Mongeau’s friend Ari. Fans became more suspicious when Tana retweeted the viral picture and wrote in the caption:

I turn my back for 1 second HAHAHAHA..

Ari Aguirre also retweeted that picture and captioned it as ‘Daddy’. This just keeps getting more and more interesting.

He also posted a picture of Hall on Instagram and called him his ‘boyfriend’. Bryce on the other hand said that the kiss was out of context but he loved it.

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Bryce Hall gives Harry Jowsey a goodbye kiss

A couple of days ago Bryce was spotted kissing Harry Jowsey. And no, it wasn’t the only kiss they shared. In the past couple of days both Harry and Bryce have shared multiple kisses.

Recently, Bryce was out for dinner with his friends. He came out of the restaurant where celebrity photographer Kevin Wong was already waiting for him. Bryce started walking towards Harry who was apparently waiting for somebody and kissed him on the lips. Luckily the photographer got a good shot of Bryce and Harry’s kiss. He also posted it on his social media. The photographer asked Bryce how was the kiss with Harry. And Bryce responded to his question while blushing and pointing at The Too Hot To Handle star:

“Why are your lips so wet?”

A couple of days ago Bryce also shared a picture with Harry in which he was kissing him and captioned it as ‘Now this …this is too hot to handle’.

Bryce also talked about kissing men in a video clip:

“I kissed ten dudes in my last Vlog and it flopped. So I am never doing it again because it doesn’t get any views.”

He further added that he will have to kiss Riley in order to get some views. Uhh-ohh, the internet is going to get crazy after that. So I guess it’s safe to say that there is nothing going on between Bryce Hall, Ari Aguirre and Harry Jowsey. As per Bryce, he is only kissing men for the sake of views (but he is not getting any). Umm, now this is a little disturbing. Let us know what do you guys think about this situation.

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