Bryce Hall & Tayler Holder throw shade at Austin McBroom over Social Gloves controversy

You might have seen Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom‘s fight in the Battle of the Platforms event. Bryce Hall mentioned that he had not been paid for the fight and is planning to sue Social Gloves. And because of the resulting acrimony, in a recent video, Bryce Hall and Tayler Holder threw shade at Austin McBroom over the Social Gloves controversy.

The Battle of the Platform was a YouTubers vs. TikTokers boxing event. The first fight of the event was between Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall. Social Gloves was an organizer of the event and Austin McBroom is the owner of Social Gloves. There were a lot of rumors that Social Gloves went bankrupt after that fight. The sales target of the tickets was 500,000 but only 136,000 tickets were sold. Some people even said that the boxers were not paid but Austin denied the allegations. He said that only haters will believe those allegations.

The fight between Bryce and Austin happened a month ago but looks like Bryce hasn’t been paid yet. In an interview with Hollywood Fix, Bryce said that he was in legal talks with Social Goves. The reporter also asked Bryce if he will get paid to which he replied

I’m sure everything will come out very soon

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Bryce Hall and Tayler Holder throw shade at Austin McBroom


Austin was not ready to accept that his company has gone bankrupt. The boxer said that it is not true and real numbers of the tickets sold will come out soon. Austin also recently told the press that he has not been paid for his fight either. In the interview, he said that he is suing his partner LivexLive because they have not paid the fighters and are solely responsible for the payments.

Anyway, Bryce and Tayler threw shade at Austin for not paying the fighters. Both of them were standing outside the stadium and Bryce said:

This is a six billion dollar stadium, didn’t know that

And Tayler said”

Is that it? Why don’t we just buy it? With the money from our fi….oh

Many fans think that Tayler was going to say ‘fight’ but stopped midway. Maybe, he didn’t want drama but that does not sound like him. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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