Bryce Hall was seen kissing one of Tana Mongeau’s friends!

Famous TikToker Bryce Hall was seen kissing one of Tana Mongeau’s friends. But what’s really spicy about this news is that the person he was kissing was probably a man, and everyone is now excited to find out if Bryce is really into men or not.

Bryce was previously dating social media influencer Addison Rae, but the couple broke up a month ago because Bryce cheated on Addison, or at least that is what the rumors are. Bryce addressed the cheating scandals and said that he did not cheat, but Addison had something else to say. She thinks that Bryce cheated on her with p*rnstar, Dana Wolf. Neither Addison nor Bryce spoke afterward about the matter but looks like both of them are trying to move on.

There were rumors that Riley Hubatka and Byce Hall are dating after Bryce posted a picture of him with Riley. However, both of them convincingly denied dating rumors, as Bryce said that Riley is like his sister. They mocked the dating rumors as well in a video they posted on YouTube.

Is Bryce Hall bisexual?

All these rumors started when Bryce was seen kissing Tana’s close friend, Ari Aguirre, outside a nightclub. Many people brought up the question ‘Is Bryce Hall really bise*ual?’ and we would like to know as well. In 2015, Bryce was seen with Mikey Barone and rumors were that the two of them are dating. Back then, the same question appeared about Bryce Hall’s se*uality, but neither of them confirmed anything.

After the picture of Bryce Hall kissing Ari Aguirre went viral, many people stated their views under the picture. But before we go any further, I would like to tell you guys what Bryce thought about his kiss with Ari.

“It was so out of context, but I love it.”

Some people appreciated Bryce for stepping out of his comfort zone and exploring his se*uality, but many people criticized the celebrity as well. Some people found the picture ‘fruity’ and some said ‘can’t take him anywhere’. People called him a COVID medium as well. I mean, that’s too harsh considering straight people didn’t exactly stop kissing during the pandemic, did they? Bryce has not commented on this whole situation yet but we hope that we get to hear from him soon.

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