Is there going to be a KSI-Logan Paul boxing rematch?

There has been a lot of drama going on between Jake Paul and KSI. The two social media influencers used to be at each other’s throats not long ago but it looks like instead of their match, we will get a KSI-Logan Paul rematch! Logan and KSI have fought against each other once before as well and there is a possibility we will see them again in the ring.

Logan Paul and KSI fought each other and fans went crazy! It was probably one of the biggest celebrity boxing matches that happened. Both of them were social media personalities who decided to try their hand at boxing, fighting each other in their very first fight. After the match, the boxers put an end to their feud and they are on good terms now. Logan even joined KSI on his famous ‘KSI Show’ on Moment House. He further made an unexpected post-credits appearance as well. In that appearance, KSI and Logan hopped into a boxing ring and started fighting each other (jokingly of course), while trash-talking each other.

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Will we be getting a KSI-Logan Paul boxing rematch?


In the end, KSI thanked his fans for watching the event and after this, the screen went black. The fans thought that it was over but, that wasn’t the case! Everyone got a shock when after the black screen, KSI and Paul appeared on the screen wearing boxing gloves. They stepped into an empty boxing ring while teasing a future announcement. Yep, you heard it right! We might be getting a KSI-Logan Paul boxing rematch real soon.

The two social media personalities announced that we will be getting a KSI-Logan Paul boxing rematch. Paul said:

I honestly can’t believe it

KSI responded:

Yeah man, this is gonna be big

The first KSI and Logan Paul boxing match was huge and fans of both the influencers absolutely loved it. Will the rematch be as big as the first match and will the fans be disappointed? We are very excited to find out. In the meantime, we would love to hear your opinion on this. So, tell us in the comments what you think of the rematch.

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