YouTuber Defnoodles permanently suspended from Twitter!

A gossip account that used to deliver all the hot gossip of celebrities to Twitter is no more. Defnoodles has been delivering the fans all the news of celebrities’ lives. He also has a famous YouTube channel, dedicated to the same content. However, Twitter recently suspended his account without giving any concrete reason. What could be the reason for his suspension?

On July 13th, Twitter account Defnoodles got permanently suspended. Many of the fans were shocked to hear the news because Defnoodles was just giving fans celebrity gossip and was technically not slandering anyone or harmed any celebrity in doing so that in any way went against the rules. He just provided his followers with news about influencers, singers, actors, and actresses. He had amassed over 150,000 on Twitter by the time Twitter suspended his account.

Defnoodles suspended from Twitter

The person who runs this account is Dennis Feitosa. Dennis is actually a YouTuber and in his YouTube videos, he provides his viewers the news surrounding many influencers, but in greater detail. Anyway, Defnoodles re-iterated that he was given no reason as to why his account had suddenly been suspended but Twitter gave them the answer just a day later! Dennis wrote in his tweet:

I didn’t have any posts removed, no copyright violations, no warnings. I’ve been getting a lot of emails from Twitter tho telling me people have been reporting my account. I’m working on getting it back.

Immediately after, #defnoodles started trending on Twitter, with most users confused as to what happened. However, in a statement that was given to Business Insider, a representative of the platform told them that the defnoodles was taken down because it was violating some rules. However, Twitter did not mention specifically which rules the account broke.

What does Dennis Feitosa has to say about this?


As Twitter did not provide Defnoodles the rule that he broke, it left Dennis flabbergasted. The account had over 150,000 followers and losing it is a big deal for the YouTuber. Dennis tweeted from his personal account about Twitter’s not giving complete answers on suspending Defnoodles. In his tweet, he wrote:

Def Noodles was not given reason for suspension. Anyone trying to start narrative that it was due to “Network Enforcement Act” is blatantly ignoring the fact it was investigated numerous times and never taken down for that reason. There’s currently no reason for the suspension

Dennis is quite furious over Twitter taking Defnoodles down. But in the meantime, Dennis will keep updating fans about the news of influencers through his Instagram and Youtube channel. So, if you’re looking for celebrity gossip you can head over to his YouTube or Instagram account. But, what do you think of his suspension? Let us know in the comments below.

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