Ryland Adams criticizes Addison Rae for the UFC controversy in a YouTube video

Addison Rae recently got a job as a journalist for the UFC. Not long after revealing this news, she told the people that she got fired from the job because of the outrage she received on social media. Now, Ryland Adams has also criticized Addison Rae over this entire fiasco, but he’s a bit divided.

We’ll just give you an overview of the things that went down with Addison recently! So, she tweeted a picture of her in front of the UFC’s red carpet banner while holding a mic. In the caption, she wrote she studied broadcast journalism in college for 3 whole months to prepare for this moment. She was very happy that she got the journalism job at UFC, unlike her fans. Many people criticized Addison in the comments because they thought she did not deserve the job. People were mad at her because people who spend 4 years in college won’t get a job like her, because they aren’t social media famous.

However, despite the outrage, many people in the comments supported her as well. For example, news anchor Javonti Thomas supported Addison and said that the outrage she is getting is unnecessary. Anyway, all this outrage wasn’t good for Addison’s career. However, the outrage got to her eventually. In her other tweet, she revealed that she got fired from the job, blaming Twitter:

Nvm y’all got me fired.

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What is Ryland Adams take on this whole controversy?


Ryland Adams is the fiancee of the famous YouTuber Shane Dawson. Ryland posted a video on his channel that he runs with Lizzie Gordon, named ‘The Sip with Ryland Adams and Lizze Gordon’. Adams said in his video that Addison was not the most qualified for the job but he also defended her as well. He said defending Addison that people just like to be outraged and angry.

Adams thought that it doesn’t matter if Addison Rae deserved the job or not because she is a very pretty young girl. He also said:

They got what they wanted from her, the position that they hired her for, for what I believe was a one-off gig

All of this didn’t keep Ryland and Lizze from making a few digs at Addison as well. We are not sure if they were supporting Addison or were against her? Lizze also admitted that she did not have a problem with Rae until she saw her on The Kardashians but then she mocked her on The Jimmy Fallon show. Therefore, it’s not sure where they stand on the issue. You can watch their podcast below:

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