Bryce Hall is in Legal Talks with Social Gloves over financial compensation scandal

Social Gloves put together the Battle of the Platforms event in which TikTokers were going to fight YouTubers. However, a month has passed and the participants still haven’t been paid. Now, as a result, Bryce Hall said that he is in legal talks with Social Gloves over the financial compensation that he is due.

The whole Social Gloves controversy isn’t a secret now. It was alleged that Social Gloves went bankrupt because they did not hit the goal of the tickets they were supposed to sell for the YouTubers vs TikTokers event. Furthermore, there was another controversy going on that Social Gloves failed to pay the participants their due as well. Austin McBroom and the ACE Family own Social Gloves, and thus he had to address the situation. He clearly denied the allegations and the scandal and that only haters would believe that. Many celebrities called out Austin for this controversy, but he continued denying it every time and said that the whole controversy was just a lie. Even Tana Mongeau called out Austin over the controversy.

Moreover, Austin and his ACE Family were involved in a series of lawsuits, embroiling them in legal controversy. Austin might have convinced some of the people that Social Gloves did not go bankrupt and the participants were paid. However, Bryce Hall has something else to add to this matter.

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Bryce Hall is taking Legal action against Social Gloves for not getting paid


After being called out by Tana Mongeau and Vinnie Hacker for the ongoing controversy, looks like Austin is going to be buried in a lot of lawsuits as well. We all know that Bryce Hall fought in the Batlle of the Platforms event on June 12 against Austin McBroom. As their fight was the main event, Bryce revealed that he was getting a 5 million dollar payout and 4% of pay-per-view sales.

A month has passed since Bryce and Austin’s fight but looks like Hall did not get paid and now he is taking legal action. Bryce Hall said in an interview with Hollywood Fix that he was in legal talks with the organization to secure his lost wages. Bryce further said:

Legally, we’re talking to them.

The reporter asked Bryce if he will be getting paid, to which he replied:

I’m sure everything will come out very soon

Austin McBroom has not made any remarks on Bryce’s statement but we are desperate to hear from him. Is it really true what Bryce is saying? We have so many questions. Their boxing match might be over, but the fight still goes on. Albeit, this time in the court instead of the ring.

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