Tana Mongeau trashes Austin McBroom over the Social Gloves controversy

There was a Social Gloves controversy going on that it went bankrupt and the members who participated were not paid. Austin McBroom addressed the situation and then Tana Mongeau trashed Austin over the controversy.

Before we try to understand the reason why Tana is upbraiding Austin McBroom, we need to know about the Social Gloves controversy. Social Gloves organized the now famous Battle of the Platforms event YouTubers vs TikTokers. In the event, YouTubers fought against TikTokers to finally determine which platform can kick the other’s a**. The main event was between Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall, which Austin won convincingly, but also resulted in the two forming a truce and formally bringing their feud to an end.

However, that was when the controversy began as after that match, people started saying that Social Gloves went bankrupt because they did not reach their sales target. It was also said that people, who were involved in the event, were not even paid their dues. The goal was to sell 500,000 tickets but it is said that Social Gloves only sold 100,000 PPV. As a result, Social Gloves could not afford to pay the fighters as well.

What made the situation even more controversial was that Social Gloves was owned by ACE Family’s Austin McBroom. So, when the rumors started spreading, Austin was held directly responsible for the mess. As a result, he had to address the rumors. He tweeted that the allegations are not true and said in his tweet that only haters want to believe that Social Gloves sold only 100,000 tickets. He also added:

 If anything these people who are scamming which isn’t @socialgloves are basically saying all of us fighters’ fan bases ain’t sh*t

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Tana Mongeau trashes Austin McBroom in her tweet


After Austin addressed the rumors, Logan Paul also spoke up about it. He posted a video in which he talked about the ongoing controversy and said that Austin should take the criticism ‘on the chin.’ Tana Mongeau also has something to say to the influencer. She recently mocked Austin in her tweet, saying:

not austin mcbroom owning most of social gloves and then everyone being surprised people aren’t getting paid

Austin was not going to stay quiet on this matter. He replied to Tana’s tweet and called her a ‘desperate human’. He tweeted:

Not the most desperate human being speaking on shit she doesn’t know about. Don’t try and bring me or the event down to make you feel better about Tanacon. Every fighter including myself will be getting paid and a lawsuit is happening and it’s not with social gloves dumb dumb

The back and forth continued

However, the feud wasn’t over. Later, Austin tagged Tana in a tweet, saying:

Matter of fact if you’re a woman who would love to sleep @tanamongeau in the ring, hit me up! I would be honored to make that happen.

And to that, Tana Mongeau just had all the receipts ready with her, quoting his tweet with:

u realize triller offers more money than u rite. maybe i’d fight with social gloves when my friends get their checks :/

remember when you had one of your security guards drop off $40,000 in a bag to my roommate so they wouldn’t expose you cheating? You didn’t pay me though

Later, in an interview with Forbes, Tana Mongue also explained:

It’s very funny to see someone that you don’t like who has been through some scandals themselves for scamming, potentially be involved in something where people aren’t getting paid. I feel very sorry for so many of my influencer friends working with any company ever to box and not get paid. I think I was just making a joke about it at the end of the day, I hope to God my friends get paid.

For now, it seems like Austin McBroom has to suffer through the scandal alone. What do you think of the Social Gloves controversy and Tana’s response? Let us know in the comments below.

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