Kelly Clarkson wants to be legally declared single by the judge amid divorce proceedings

The popular Hollywood singer and songwriter Kelly Clarkson wants to be declared legally single by the judge. Her divorce is still under proceedings, but she wants the world to know that she is single.

Kelly has had quite a successful career in Hollywood. From singing to acting to writing, Kelly has done and excelled at everything. She rose to fame when she won the first season of American Idol back in 2002. Because of this win, she signed a record deal with RCA, jumpstarting her career. Moreover, Kelly has her own show as well, named ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ and she is the judge at Voice as well. A girl who once was a contestant on American Idol is now a judge at Voice – seems like dreams do come true for certain people.

Apart from her incredibly successful career in the entertainment business, things aren’t as rosy in her personal life. Kelly is currently married to Brandon Blackstock, but the couple has filed for divorce. Despite being married since 2014, things just did not go their way and they have decided to part ways. Kelly said that they have “irreconcilable differences” and the couple has joint custody of their two beautiful children.

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Kelly Clarkson wants to be legally declared single by the Judge


Kelly’s divorce is not finalized yet. Its proceedings are still going on and the judge has not made any decisions so far. The matter is very delicate but both parties are acting civil in this situation. The couple is also going to be sharing the custody of their two children, River Rose, and Remington Alexander. However, Kelly Clarkson has temporary custody of the kids for now. Moreover, Brandon will also be receiving spousal support till 2023.

Even though according to the piece of paper, Kelly is still married to her husband, Kelly thinks otherwise. She believes that she should be able to declare herself legally single. She recently asked the judge who is overseeing her divorce to declare Kelly single legally. For now, we don’t know how the judge has responded to this request. However, with the divorce proceedings underway, it looks unlikely that the judge would turn it down. They might be amicable at the surface, but things seem dire underneath between Kelly and Brandon. Despite that, this is a very bold step for Kelly but we wish her the best in future endeavors.

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