Daniel Preda and Joey Graceffa respond to bullying accusations by Gabbie Hanna

Gabbie Hanna accused Daniel Preda and Joey Graceffa of bullying. Now, Daniel and Joey responded to the allegations and said that Gabbie is ‘truly awful’.

Joey Graceffa used to host a reality series ‘Escape the Night’ back in 2016, however, it got canceled in 2020. Meanwhile, Gabbie Hanna was one of the Youtube personalities that appeared on the show. She released a video on her YouTube channel, titled ‘Escape the Nightmare’ on June 27. In it, she discussed the experience she had while she working on the reality series which was produced by Daniel Preda and Joey Graceffa. She also talked about she was treated by the producers of the show.

Gabbie Hanna accuses Joey Graceffa and Daniel Preda of bullying

Gabbie said in her video that she was made a mockery of by people she thought were friends. She also said that those friends publicly threw her under the bus, and one of those friends was Joey Graceffa. She was mad at how things were handled by the producers. Furthermore, Gabbie also added some clips of the producers talking bad about her after she had apologized.

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Their response to Gabbie’s allegations


After Gabbie’s video went online saying she was mistreated by the producers of the show, Daniel and Joey decided to respond to the allegations. Joey Graceffa tweeted about Gabbie’s allegations on his Twitter accountcalling her ‘truly awful’ in his tweet:

Joey also said that she is always playing the victim.

Daniel Preda also decided to respond to the allegations. He tweeted two pictures in which he explained what really happened and wrote in the caption ‘The Truth about Gabbie Hanna and Escape the Night’.

In his tweet, Daniel said that Gabbie abused the cast of the series. He added that despite Gabbie’s actions, Daniel remained professionaland even personally apologized to the cast and crew on behalf of Gabbie. He said that as a grown woman who is in her 30s, he expected more from Gabbie than just a half-baked apology.

Both the producers claimed that they had to face a lot of issues because of Gabbie in the reality series.

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