Cardi B expecting a second child

Everybody knows who Cardi B is, right? The famous female rapper has released many bangers over the years. She even collaborated with many famous singers as well. Songs like WAP, I Like It, Please Me, and many more broke the internet when they were released. Cardi B collaborated with another famous badass rapper Megan Thee Stallion and released WAP, which broke the internet. She also collaborated with Maroon 5 a while ago and released Girls Like You. Her song Please Me also got many views which was a collaboration with Bruno Mars. Cardi is known for being badass and fearless and honestly, we want more female rappers like her.

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Cardi B expecting a child


Cardi B is pregnant again, and we are head over heels. Cardi and Offset had their first child Kulture Kiari on July 10, 2018. When Cardi was expecting her first child, she decided to reveal her pregnancy on Saturday Night Live in April 2018. Now, the rapper is expecting another child with her partner Offset. Cardi B announced that she was pregnant with her second child during a Live Performance with Migos at the BET Awards in Los Angeles. Her first child is 2 years old and now another baby is on its way. The rapper came on the stage wearing a dress that showed her baby bump. Cardi also decided to surprise her fans when she posted a picture of her showing her baby bump. She tagged Offset in her tweet:

What are fans’ reactions?

When Cardi posted her picture showing her baby bump, fans went crazy. People thought that the reveal she did was absolutely cute.

Fans were also surprised to see Cardi giving a performance while being pregnant. They thought that the performance itself is hard and she is doing all that while carrying a baby in her belly, that’s amazing!

People also said that they knew that Cardi B was pregnant on the Grammys:

We are so happy for the rapper and wish her all the best for her future endeavors.

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