David Dobrik gets Jason Nash a puppy

After many accusations, the famous YouTuber is back with his famous vlogs. In his recent vlog, David Dobrik gets his best friend, Jason Nash a beautiful puppy.

David Dobrik used to be one of the most popular YouTubers, with his comedic and entertaining short vlogs. However, many people came forward with many accusations against the Vlog Squad’s members. David Dobrik was the leader of the Vlog Squad, so ultimately his name was associated with controversy. People accused David’s team members Jason Nash and Durte Dom of sexual assault. Dobrik, on his part, apologized to the victims and said that he doesn’t associate with Dom anymore. Dom denied the allegation and then continued to mock David’s return on YouTube. Majority of the public still don’t like Durte Dom, but some were willing to forgive Dobrik.

As for, Jason Nash, the issues remains a bit complicated. Seth Francois made the sexual assault allegation against Jason Nash. He was blindfolded during a prank for the vlog squad videos. Francois, behind the scenes, was told that he would be kissing Corinna Kopf. But he ended up kissing Jason Nash. Seth Francois felt uncomfortable with the experience and said that this was not something they agreed to. Jason Nash didn’t address the situation yet, but Dobrik did directly apologize to Seth Francois in his apology videos. Francois responded saying that he wants an apology face-to-face, but it’s unclear if he got one.

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David returns to YouTube and gifts a puppy to ason Nash

Well, since the issue has calmed down a bit, David thought this might be the best time to make a comeback. His friend and Vlog Squad’s team member, Corinna Kopf hinted twice at the fact that David might be coming soon. But we did not know it was this soon. David posted his apology video 3 months ago. A week ago, he returned to YouTube by giving his friends a surprise trip to Hawaii. The video has almost up to 7.8 million views up till now. Dobrik also shared that he has hired Human Resources (HR) to his team to prevent future misconduct in his videos.

David posted another video a day ago which is titled ‘surprising best friend with a puppy’. The video starts with David scaring his friend who was laying in her bed. David Dobrik did various activities with his friends in the video. He also goes to Jason’s Kebab shop and one of the servers reads the shop’s reviews to him. Then, he went to his best friend, Jason Nash’s house, and asks him ‘What is something that you really really wanted?’.

To which Jason replies ‘Girlfriend?’. Then Jason realizes what David is talking about and starts screaming with joy. Jason takes out this beautiful puppy from the box that David has gifted him. The video ends when all the friends jump from the trampoline, that David has stacked up in his house, to the pool.

Let’s see if Jason Nash will address the Seth Francois allegation or not.

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