Tana Mongeau defends hanging out with David Dobrik

So, David Dobrik has finally made his YouTube comeback after a prolonged absence following multiple controversies. As expected, he got mixed support from fans with many still averse to his return. However, Tana Mongeau was not one of them. In fact, she recently posted a TikTok with Dobrik, dancing with him. And the backlash was instant, as fans harangued her for hanging out with the fellow YouTuber. In response, Mongeau vehemently defended her actions.

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Tana Mongeau and David Dobrik are now very on good terms


Dobrik came back after a long break, following a heap of controversy with the Vlog Squad in March as well as his involvement in Jeff Wittek’s life-threatening accident. As a result, YouTube demonetized his channel, and he lost a number of key sponsors. However, that controversy was not enough for Tana Mongeau to keep herself away from him. After Dobrik’s comeback on June 16th, Tana posted a video with Dobrik, dancing with him with the caption that he “made [her] birthday so special” and mentioned them “filming like the old days”. This was despite the fact that on May 6th, Mongeau revealed that Dobrik tried to push her into a threesome with him and Trisha Paytas‘ partner.

Naturally, the comments erupted with many fans furious at Mongeau that how could she be dancing with him when she was clearly against him during the controversy. Some comments said “Tana no, what is this, are you kidding?”. Another wrote, “Tana didn’t you literally turn against him when he was canceled”.

Tana Mongeau was expecting this respons from critics. In the replies she responded with:

Don’t even start in the comments. He had bad people around him & cut them off & apologized and took full accountability. An amazing human that I love and will always be grateful for. Deplatform the actual people who are terrible individuals.

Later on, however, Mongeau removed the TikTok video as well as the comments from her profile.

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