Catherine McBroom addresses Austin McBroom cheating scandal during YouTubers Vs TikTokers event

Recently, Tana Mongeau and the TikToker Monica Bush accused Austin McBroom of cheating on his wife, Catherine McBroom.

Austin Mcbroom is a former NCAA Basketball player and a YouTuber. He has his own YouTube channel named The ACE Family. Austin runs the channel with his wife, Catherine McBroom. They have been married since 2017 and share 3 beautiful kids together. Austin McBroom has done many things over the years. These days, Austin just fought in The Battle of Platforms. It was a YouTubers vs. TikTokers fight show. Austin won against Bryce Hall in the last Battle of Platforms match.

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Austin McBroom Accused of Cheating on his Wife

Recently, the famous TikToker Tana Mongeau tweeted that Austin has cheated on his wife, Catherine, a couple of times. She also posted a TikTok as well explaining the situation which she deleted afterward.

According to Tana, Austin’s wife, Catherine McBroom called her and asked her if the lipstick she found in Austin’s car is hers. Tana said that it was hers to ‘save the children’. She then explained the whole situation in a series of Tweets saying that the lipstick was not in fact hers.

Austin responds to the accusations

Austin was not the one to stay quiet. He replied to Tana’s tweet and said that she is the biggest clout chaser and explained how it was Erika Costell’s lipstick and not some girl he was having an affair with.

This is something that Erika Costell confirmed herself too. She also clarified saying it was a lip liner and not a lipstick. She also made a joke and asked if she could have it back. But after getting some backlash, she made a TikTok video addressing the situation and cleared the air:

“No, I did not sleep with Austin McBroom. First of all, there were three of us in his Lambo. We were speeding, we got pulled over for it. There was a sudden stop, and all my s**t flew out of my purse. Some of y’all talk too much. I’ve done a lot of cringy things in my life, mainly on the internet. But I don’t do them anymore, and I also don’t lie.”

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Monica Bush also accuses Austin of Cheating

After Tana accused Austin of cheating, Monica Bush also came forward and said that Austin cheated on his wife. Monica posted a series of videos on her TikTok account. The first video she posted, she captioned it ‘I am nervous to tell this story. Don’t come at me’.

Monica said that Austin asked her if he can send her stuff from his clothing brand. Monica said that she was excited and she said yes. She also shared the screenshot of the conversation as well. Bush said that Austin then proceeds to ask her if she is going to be in LA soon and she says that she can come to LA if that means he is going to hand over the package by himself. Monica then goes to LA and stays in a hotel. She then asks Austin when are they going to meet. First, Austin keeps beating around the bush but then he arrives and drives to a house and stops the car in front of a house in Malibu. Monica says that she was naive and thought they were just talking business and then Austin turned on Netflix and they started watching.

She posted another video in which she said that Austin McBroom put a blanket over him and invited Bush to lay with him. Monica denied and said she wanted to keep things strictly business-related. To which Austin responds that what he’s doing is business. Monica claims that Austin also told her that he and his wife are together just for publicity, and not a real couple.

Catherine McBroom addresses Cheating Scandal

Catherine McBroom recently posted a video on Snapchat in which she addressed Austin’s cheating scandal. In the video, she said that she was off social media for a couple of days because she was spending time with her family. She furthermore added:

“I’m not gonna lie, this time around, I think the event was a lot of pressure on me and a lot of focus on my family and me. Every time there’s a big milestone, or a big event or something, or a lot of attention directed towards us, a lot of people start directing the attention to themselves. I think that is 100% stressful because it gives me anxiety, and what can I say? It makes me nervous. I stay off my phone, and I stay off social media.”

She also talked about the YouTubers vs. TikTokers event and thanked everyone who participated in the event. Catherine McBroom didn’t give out any details but it does seem like the scandal was just a rumor and nothing based on truth.

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