Erika Costell debunks Tana Mongeau cheating claim about Austin McBroom

YouTube star Erika Costell has finally debunked and spoken out about the rumors about her and Austin McBroom. These rumors originated from Tana Mongeau, who sparked a storm on social media after her video with her bombshell claims. Here’s how Costell addressed the rumors.

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Austin McBroom is currently in the midst of alleged cheating scandals. One scandal involves a TikToker who claims that she slept with McBroom a “secret” Malibu estate. Meanwhile, Mongeau alleges that McBroom cheated with someone who left makeup in his car – particularly a lip liner.

In her video, Mongeau claims that McBroom’s wife, Catherine Paiz, was visibly upset about finding the article of makeup in the car. This prompted McBroom to call Mongeau, after which she covered for him, telling his wife Paiz that it was indeed her lip liner. But later, McBroom rebuked these claims, tweeting in reply that it was instead Erika Costell’s lipstick, which she had dropped in her car as McBroom was taking her and Jake Paul to Paul’s home.

Later, in the replies, Erika Costell joined the conversation too, correcting McBroom that it was a “lip liner”, not a lipstick. She even jokingly asking him if she could have it back now. This reply, understandably, caused an uproar on social media with many speculating about the rumors.

Costell clears the air on TikTok, confirming she didn’t have an affair with Austin McBroom

Finally, Costell made a TikTok video, where she finally clarified that her reply was “not meant to be taken seriously”. She further clarified that she did not have an affair with Austin McBroom of any sort, saying:

No, I did not sleep with Austin McBroom. First of all, there were three of us in his Lambo. We were speeding, we got pulled over for it. There was a sudden stop, and all my s**t flew out of my purse… Some of y’all talk too much. I’ve done a lot of cringy things in my life, mainly on the internet. But I don’t do them anymore, and I also don’t lie.


no i’m not a home wrecker lmao- i just wanted some justice for my KKW. lighten up y’all life is too short to be worried about anyone but you🍒

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This puts to rest at least one of the cheating scandals Austin McBroom finds himself in. But, the other one still remains unanswered. Let’s see what McBroom has to say after the mystery of the lip liner has been solved.

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