Fans have gone crazy as Lorde released a new song after 3 years

On May 7th, fans of Lorde went crazy as she hinted that she might be releasing an album. The 24-year-old Grammy-winning pop star is crazy famous among her fans because of her beautifully sung songs. Lorde released her last song ‘Perfect Places’ 3 years ago and after that she just kind of went on a social media hiatus and did not release any music. Lorde started her music career in early 2013 when she released her first album ‘Pure Heroine’. One of the songs of this album ‘Royals’ gained a lot of attention and became a hit. Fans on social media have been asking Lorde for a new album for so long and seems like their prayers have been answered.

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Lorde hints at a new album

Lorde posted a picture of her next album cover titled ‘Solar Power’ on Monday night. The cover displayed Lorde in a yellow swimsuit where she is enjoying some sunlight and seen jumping over the camera. Fans went wild when they saw the album cover. Given that the pop star has not released music in 3 years this was a big thing for her fans. Twitter users expressed immense excitement when they heard the news of Lorde’s album.

Lorde released the single a day ago and the song is titled ‘Solar power’. She is wearing a beautiful yellow summer dress in the video. The song was a surprise launch from the New Zealander. It was timed to coincide with the solar eclipse in the northern hemisphere on Thursday. The song is light, playful and fun. It’s everything we wanted in the song. The song is 3 min and 12 sec long. Moreover, it is co-written and co-produced with Jack Anotonoff!

What was the reason for the album’s delay?

Solar Power was supposed to release in June 2020 but it was delayed because of the sudden death of Lorde’s pet dog in 2019.

She said at that time:

It is indescribably painful. A light that turned on for me has gone out. The bright energy I was trying to communicate to you has gone, for now.

But now she is ready to release music for her fans and they cannot be more excited!

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