Cole Carrigan plays victim once again after being called out by a TikToker

Cole Carrigan is a very famous beauty guru and YouTuber who was formerly a part of Jake Paul’s team. There are many dramas involving Cole. From being a former team 10 member to being in the Kayne/Jeffree drama, Cole has been in many celebrities’ dramas. The star also accused Cameron Dallas of being homophobic. He claimed that she threw water on him while they were at a party. He also made accused the ACE family’s Austin McBroom for r*ping a woman. While the star has been accusing others of certain things, many people came for him as well. Cole was accused of scamming his own fans.

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This is not it guys. Cole kept accusing people of many things. Like, he accused Tana Mongeau of hacking into his’ social media accounts. That is a pretty big accusation., isn’t it? When this happened, Cole went on TikTok and indirectly mocked Tana. He said:

When you have a secret love affair with another YouTuber/old roommate but he ended up becoming a professional boxer and forgot about you.

Cole Carrigan plays the victim

Well, here we go. Another day, another Cole Carrigan drama. A TikToker Jesse Jaggers called out Cole Carrigan in his recent video. And show the fans how Cole blocked him from the clothing page. The TikToker went on and explained how he ordered a hoodie from Cole and already paid the money. It’s been a couple of weeks and there is still no sign of the hoodie. So he has been asking Cole if it is ever going to be delivered or if it’s a scam. As a lot of fans were accusing Cole of the same thing. They pay the money but never get a hold of the product. Even the cash app notifies people not to send the money as it might be a scam.

So the tiktoker messaged Cole and inquired him about the situation. But Cole said that there might be a delay from the delivery service. And he doesn’t know when it’s going to be delivered. The makeup influencer was also rude to Jesse as shown in the video. In the end, Cole called Jesse a “little g*y boy” and blocked him.

Cole Carrigan once again is trying to be the victim in this situation. After the video went viral, he explained his side of the story on his Instagram account. The beauty guru said that if you ordered from me, then the package is currently in transit and you will receive it. He also said that I told the guy that he will receive his order but he started calling me a scammer and posted a TikTok about it. He said that Jesse only did this because that is the kind of thing that gets viral these days. Cole said that people are only dragging him in this situation just for the sake of a few likes and clout. What do you guys think about this situation? Please let us know in the comments down below if you have ever experienced the same sort of thing.

Cole Carrigan
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