Gabbie Hanna is all up for boxing with Tana Mongeau and even RiceGum!

Well, this is something that we never thought might happen. But, strangest things have happened in the very happening landscape of social media. Two of the most controversial influencers who also have major fan following are talking about getting in the boxing ring together! It’s Gabbie Hanna and Tana Mongeau. But Gabbie also shared the desire to fight it out with RiceGum!

Here’s how it all started.

Tana Mongeau is desperate to fight someone in the boxing ring

No shade to Tana Mongeau, but she truly is desperate to fight a girl in the boxing ring. She said so herself, she really wants to have a brawl. Perhaps she is too inspired from her fake ex-husband and ex-boyfriend Jake Paul and his brother Logan Paul. The Paul brothers have slowly become big names in the boxing world.

Tana’s top pick was ofcourse, her ex-girlfriend, Bella Thorne with whom she has on-and-off drama. But she also opened up the offer to all woman influencers who are willing to fight her. Vlog Squad member Corinna Kopf was interested! Kopf did emphasize that it was for the ‘check’ and not the ‘clout’.

Now, it appears that Gabbie Hanna is also quite interested in taking up Tana Mongeau’s offer!

How Gabbie came into the picture

Well, today Tana Mongeau posted this tweet:

how many million dollars do u think is worth me boxing for ok go

And then Gabbie Hanna replied to the tweet!

my management just hit me up about my boxing rates, wanna go? i think enough people would love to see either and both of us knocked in the face

Then Tana reacted to Gabbie’s tweet saying “oh sh*t lmfao”.

Not only that but a popular tea account ‘tea spill’ said that they are ‘team tana’ and Tana was surprised:

But that’s not it! There’s more. Gabbie Hanna is even ready to having a boxing match with her old rival RiceGum.

Gabbie Hanna is all up for fighting RiceGum…in a ring

Keemstar often likes to poke fun at influencers especially controversial ones. So, he made a joke about Gabbie Hanna:

Though, Keemstar did got a bit too far by calling ‘Gabbie’ a monster. But it seems like Gabbie didn’t mind the idea. In fact, she was really interested in it!

She quoted the tweet and said:

i asked for this match in 2018, let’s go

She also made another tweet saying:

if ricegum breaks my nose in a boxing match i can finally get the nose job he’s been saying i need

Well, yikes! Gabbie’s probably joking but she does seem pretty into the idea of boxing RiceGum. And that comes as no surprise, considering RiceGum is one of the oldest rivals of Gabbie Hanna.

The dramatic history of Gabbie and RiceGum

The drama all started in 2017 when Gabbie shared that she was assaulted physically by RiceGum at a birthday party. She was snapping pictures and videos of him randomly and he didn’t want her to. Allegedly, he asked Gabbie to stop but she wouldn’t. So, he grabbed her phone and threw it away and the phone broke. Gabbie Hanna maintains that RiceGum physically hit her and injured him. She also called him out for making fun of her

Though, RiceGum denied hitting her but did admit to smashing her phone, for which he paid $2,000. The drama escalated so much that he even made a diss track on her called ‘I didn’t hit her’.

RiceGum’s friend, Romeo Lacoste, was also present and witnessed the whole thing taking place. He also shared that there was no hitting involved but RiceGum was a bit too aggressive than necessary:

So, basically, what happened was that me and ricegum were talking, chit-chatting, or whatever, catching up.  And Gaby sits down on the couch and sticks the camera in his face, snapping.  And, obviously, she didn’t mean any harm by it.  She was just joking around.  But she just keeps snapping and snapping, you know. – So, you know, he tells her, ‘Hey, can you not post that?’ And, I think, maybe she didn’t realize that he was being serious and thought that maybe he was joking…

so she just kept snapping, and you know, doing more snaps, talking about the diss on the video or whatever…he asked her, I think, two or three more times, like, ‘Hey, can you not post that?’…she just kept filming. And, he just jumped up, you know, and went to reach for her phone…she’s sitting on the couch and he’s standing up…it was more of like a tug-of-war, you know, them pulling the phone back and forth. Maybe for a few seconds. And then, he snatched her phone out of her hand and slammed it on the ground and broke the phone and then walked out.

Gabbie Hanna also shared on her YouTube Channel debunking RiceGum’s claims.

Suffice to say that the drama was pretty messy between them and Gabbie may still be holding a grudge. Recently, she was in a very explosive online drama with her poetry critics and other influencers online. Her drama with Trisha Paytas even led to the latter seeking professional mental help as it became too much for them. But Gabbie Hanna does receive a lot of hatred online, some users even started a fake death hoax and #RIPGabbieHanna started to trend as a result. The internet can go beyond limits at times.

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Let’s see if she actually gets the chance to fight it out with RiceGum or Tana Mongeau.

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