Bojack Horseman and Brooklyn Nine-Nine Having a Crossover?!

It’s impossible not to quote Mr. Peanut-butter here (from Bojack Horseman which is renewed for season 6!)

 “What is this, a crossover episode?”

Bojack Horseman

Those of you who watch ‘Bojack Horseman’ already know the depressing humor it entails. But self-derogatory jokes aren’t the show’s sole element. It also depicts the kind of human sensitivity that really strikes a chord among viewers. The show’s humorous relatability and down-to-earth but tragic story line has a way of capturing its viewers. Bojack Horseman is able to take them deep into a world where it’s normal for a horse to be a famous movie star and for a cat to be an agent.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Meanwhile, the show ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ probably doesn’t even need an introduction. The savvy, smart NYPD officers that the show features, take us along on their journey fighting crime, solving mysteries and all the while learning more about each other. Their growth as NYPD officers is also their growth as individuals. The main character, Detective Jake Paralta, who appeals to the audience with his sense of childish humor leads the pack. He’s seen as incredibly insightful and witty despite his many weird quirks. Precisely why, the hilarious promo of season 6 of Brooklyn Nine Nine had everyone excited.

Cross-Over Episode?!

Recently, a Reddit thread showed a meme that hinted at a potential crossover between the two hilariously insightful TV shows.

Bojack Horseman’s latest season starred Stephanie Beatrix as voice actress. She played the role of Gina/Sassy on Bojack Horseman’s Season 5. Moreover, Andre Braugher (or Captain Holt in Brooklyn Nine-Nine) voiced Governor Woodchuck in Bojack Horseman. The cast of both shows have overlapped before. Coincidence? We think not!

All jokes apart, it was definitely just a creative meme made by fans of the show. Having the two worlds actually merge would be quite difficult. While Bojack Horseman is an animated show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine features real-life actors. But the possibility is enough to peak any fan’s interest!

We hope that the creators of the show see this hilarious meme and work towards giving us an actual cross-over episode!

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