Fans react to Official photos of Game of Thrones Prequel ‘House of the Dragon’

So, Game of Thrones is back in news again. But not the original show with a controversial ending, but with a fresh start in the shape of the prequel House of the Dragon. Very recently, HBO released the first official photos of the upcoming Game of Thrones prequel. And the fans have had a lot to say in reaction to the pictures. So, we decided to give you a look at how the public perceives the show.

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Fans reactions to House of the Dragon official photos


It’s safe to say that the fan reaction to the photos and the recent updates has been divisive. There some very optimistic fans, for instance, this fan, is looking forward to House of the Dragon as for her Westeros is an escape. And fans like her truly deserve the best that HBO and George RR Martin have to offer.

However, there were several others who were divided about how to react to the new show. And the one thing that made them skeptical about this show was how Game of Thrones ended.

There were fans who also highlighted how the hype of the show died because of the disappointing ending. Some also highlighted how if these shots were released during season 6 or 7 when Game of Thrones had a better reputation among the fans, the reaction would have been different from the public. In short, it’s season 8 that has dented the hype around House of the Dragon. They said:

And of course, the meme game was unmatched:

However, there were critics defending the potential of House of the Dragon, highlighting how critics jumped to the replies merely ten minutes after the tweet. Ouch!

That said, there is one thing that every Game of Thrones fan wants desperately from HBO. And this guy summed it up underneath their tweet:

And so, these are the sentiments prevailing among the fans. Some are optimistic, while many are skeptical. Many fans had invested valuable time of their lives both watching the shows and reading the books, diving as deep as one can go into Martin’s mind to derive what happened to their beloved characters. And despite the snarky replies, deep down every fan wants HBO’s House of the Dragon to succeed.

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