Katie Holmes Not Engaged with Jamie Foxx

A diamond ring on Katie Holmes’ left hand has sparked rumors that the actress may be getting hitched soon. Yesterday, Katie Holmes took the internet by storm when a photograph surfaced of her wearing a diamond ring in her left hand. Holmes is rumored to be dating Jamie Fox, but their relationship is yet to be disclosed to the public eye. While filming in New Orleans, Katie Holmes stepped out sporting a sparkler during a break. And the actress was all smiles. The US weekly reports, the actress had stopped for coffee with co-star Jerry O’Connell when a fan spotted her wearing a ring.

Not An Engagement Ring, Just A Movie Prop

A spokesperson of the 49-year-old actress has; however, denied all rumors. Rather the reality is that the ring was nothing more than a movie prop.

The representative says:

“Katie’s not engaged to anyone besides her fictional movie fiancé, played by Jerry O’Connell,”

This removes the rumors of potential engagement with Jamie Foxx, much to our disappointment.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Are Not Yet Engaged

The actress is yet to confirm her relationship publicly. But reports are there that she has been with Jamie Foxx ever since 2013. Katie Holmes, who is famous for Dawson’s Creek, divorced actor Tom Cruise back in 2012. Currently, she is filming for the upcoming movie The Secret. The Secret is based on a novel of the same namesake, and it is centered around the virtue of positive thinking.

In September, Jamie Foxx was filming for his upcoming movie Just Mercy in Georgia. Hence Katie Holmes made frequent visits to the state to meet her flame. The couple made headlines as they went for a bike ride. Another report showed them having a gym session together that simply left the audience in awe.

A Very Private Affair

However, we haven’t seen the couple together since. But ET Online reports that the couple lives a very independent life. They are big workaholics, and they can go long periods without seeing each other if their work calls for it. But they know very well how to make up for the lost time when they eventually meet.

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are trying to keep their relationship extremely private. They do not make public deals out of their meetings. In fact, only fan scrutiny has leaked their most intimate moments. Fans do not expect a public disclosure from their side anytime soon. Not even after these engagement rumors.

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