Jake Paul wins the much-awaited Triller Fight against Ben Askren

So Jake Paul once again managed to win the most awaited fight of the year 2021 against former Mixed Martial Arts champion Ben Askren. And the fight took place at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. I don’t know if you guys have seen Jake’s Triller Fight Club match against Nate Robinson back in November 2020. In which Jake brutally knocked out former NBA player in the second round (out of six) and won the match. Not just that, the whole KO part was also turned into a viral meme on social by Jake Paul fans.

Right after Jake won his match with Nate Robinson, he showed interest to have a fight with MMA fighters such as Dillon Danis and Conor McGregor. But then once Triller Fight Club announced Jake’s 3rd professional boxing match with former Mixed Martial Arts champion Ben Askren. And the rest is history…

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Jake Paul vs Ben Askren | Triller Fight Club

I don’t know about you guys but I enjoyed every single bit of the Jake Paul vs Ben Askren Triller Fight match. We have seen these men practicing non-stop for their fight. A lot of fans were really unhappy because they had to watch the three undercard fights and a lot of music performances before the main event. But the wait was kind of worth it as Jake knocked out Ben during the first round. Breadbatch, an entertainment news page on Instagram was the one to break this news on social media for the Jake Paul fans.

Singers like Snoop Dog, Doja Cat, Justin Bieber, and a few others also performed at the Jake vs Ben fight and made the event a little less boring for the viewers who were anxiously waiting for the main fight.

Famous TikTok content creators like Bryce Hall, Noah Beck, and Addison Rae also attended the event. A lot of fans also noticed Tana Mongeau’s absence from the main event and raised all sorts of questions. Jake was recently seen hanging out with ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet. He even took her out on a date. But Alissa was not seen anywhere during the main fight event.

Anyways, Let us know in the comments down below if you guys were in Team Jake Paul or Ben Askren. And who do you think Jake will be fighting in the coming months?

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