Shocking Logan Paul reaction to Alexa Bliss Wrestlemania 37 entrance

Famous American YouTuber Logan Paul recently saw Alexa Bliss’ Wrestlemania 37 entrance. And his reaction was quite incredible, to say the least. He watched the entrance backstage and the video clip is now making rounds on social media.

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Logan Paul reacts to Alexa Bliss’ entrance at Wrestlemania 37


Logan himself made an appearance at Wrestlemania 37 on night two after Sami Zayn invited him as a “special guest of honor”. However, after making it to the stage he turned on Zayn following Zayn’s loss to Kevin Owens. Logan then proceeded to raise Owens’ hands, much to Zayn’s dismay. But, Owens was not at all impressed by this gesture and hit Logan Paul with a devastating stunner.

Later on, we can see Logan reacting to Alexa Bliss’ incredible entrance at the same event. After looking at it, Logan apparently commented:

This is crazy. Uh, she kinda turning me on, not gonna lie

Logan Paul

Checkout the clip below:

Even though Alexa Bliss did not participate in Wrestlemania 37, she did have an everlasting impact. She ended up being a game-changer as she was in The Fiend’s corner for his match against Randy Orton. And her entrance was especially intriguing, as she hopped her way out towards the ring to approach a giant jack in the box right in front of the ring. Bliss then twisted the handle and popped out The Fiend. And all that was quite amusing to Logan Paul, who definitely enjoyed Bliss’ appearance.

In the final moments of the match, Alexa Bliss climbed on top of the Jack in the box again as The Fiend was about to defeat Orton. But, that distraction was enough for Randy Orton to hit The Fiend with an RKO, claiming a huge win. Afterward, The Fiend had a huge staredown with Alexa, as no one in the WWE Universe expected Alexa to turn on him. You can watch the entrance here.

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