Bob Odenkirk says his ‘Better Call Saul’ character changed his life

We all know how important Bob Odenkirk’s Saul Goodman is to Better Call Saul. He is the heartbeat of the show and without him, Better Call Saul cannot survive. However, the feeling of importance is mutual for Odenkirk. The actor recently admitted that his character of Saul Goodman changed his life for the good.

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Bob Odenkirk owes a lot to Saul Goodman


While talking on The Late Show with James Corden, Bob Odenkirk shared how hard it is for him to say goodbye to Better Call Saul. He admits that his character Saul Goodman has “changed my life,” continuing:

I know as I get closer to the end of it, I’m going to have to somehow reconcile with saying goodbye to this gift that I got from the universe. It’s hard to take into account how much it brought into my life. That will be hard. But it’s a long way away, got a lot of work to do between now and then and I’m gonna focus on that for now and then I’ll get all teary-eyed in six months as we come to the end.

Bob Odenkirk

Odenkirk was not a big fan of Saul Goodman at the start

And indeed, Saul Goodman/ Jimmy McGill gave Odenkirk unparalleled popularity. What’s funny is that initially, Odenkirk was a bit skeptical of playing Saul in Breaking Bad. He thought of him purely as a conman. However, after diving deep into Saul’s psyche in Better Call Saul, he grew fond of the character. He told James Corden:

Somebody asked me, ‘If there was a guy named Saul Goodman in a room would you hang out with him?’ And I said, ‘No way, I wouldn’t go near him’. But I’ve gotten to know him now and I’ve found that under his exterior, his phony persona of Saul Goodman is this yearning, striving guy who wants to connect and wants respect from the people around him. He’s also very funny and clever. He makes me laugh a lot. There are scenes in the show that verge on sketch comedy, they get so ludicrous. And then of course four pages later, there’s a scene that’s utterly earnest, heartfelt and deep, and sensitively written. It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to that level of writing.

Bob Odenkirk to James Cordon

On the ending of Better Call Saul

It is going to be a hard goodbye because of the immense popularity and great writing of the show. But, all good things must come to an end and Bob Odenkirk must learn to let go of Saul Goodman. Surprisingly, despite being six months away from shooting the ending, Odenkirk still has no idea how the show will end. However, he has full faith in the directors as Odenkirk said:

We’re one show in and we’re gonna make 13 episodes, so I have no idea where this story goes. I like to be excited like a fan or an audience member because this show, similar to Breaking Bad, these writers figure out ways to do something you didn’t expect but that makes perfect sense. I don’t know how they do it, but they do it over and over and I look forward to seeing where we end up.


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