Satanic Temple Sues Sabrina For Copying Their Statue

The Satanic Temple will probably see Netflix’s Sabrina in courts now. Reportedly, they are taking legal actions to sue The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina for using the copyrighted monument design of its central icon. Not just that, but also for misinterpreting it as something evil. Although the specific details of the case are not open to the public, Netflix might have to retract the visual representation. The Satanic Temple’s lawyer officially informed the streaming service. They have been warned that unless a resolution is worked out, aggressive actions will be taken. However, the case is much deeper than just a copyrights issue.

The Real Problem that the Satanic Temple has

The Satanic Temple is claiming that Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are portraying their monument design as something evil. In a tweet, Lucien Greaves- the co-founder of The Satanic Temple said that Sabrina was promoting their asinine Satanic Panic fiction using the Temple’s copyrighted statue design of Baphomet, a goat-headed deity people associate with Satan. In Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, we see the monument in the center of the witchcraft school. Sabrina Spellman has to attend this school, Academy of Unseen Arts. While present there, the Satan character becomes a rival to Sabrina.

The Satanic Temple which describes itself as a group that does not believe in any God or devil does have some deep beliefs. They consider it as important as those of any religious groups. Greaves hopes that Netflix would withdraw the visuals. And that a lawyer had officially sent the notice to the company. The Satanic Temple also says that it will take serious action if the show does not remove the statue.

Apart from the copyright violations, Greaves believes that this will portray The Satanic Temple as something evil. And that it’s damaging to their reputation. He claimed that,

I feel that the use of our particular image that is recognized as our own central icon [being] displayed fictionally as central to some cannibalistic cult has real-world damaging effects for us.

Netflix has still not commented on the entire situation.

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