Harry Styles’ Halloween Costume’s Eerie Secret

Harry Styles is one lad who knows very well how to make headlines. After recently being in the news for attending a yoga session with a fan, getting praised by Niall Horan, and for discounting his residence; yet again he is breaking the internet with his glitzy Halloween costume. Harry Styles has dressed as Elton John for the 2018 Halloween. But there are certainly deeper layers to his guise of the legendary singer.

The Bizzare Coincidence Around Harry Styles’ Halloween Costume

Elton John had sported the costume whilst performing at an LA Dodgers baseball match back in 1975. Hence, Harry Styles fitting into the dress was no less of an eerie coincidence. Another eerie jinx came about when the facts showed that the Halloween dress-up was donned by Elton John on the exact same day, 26th October. It was the Twitter fans that debunked this spooky Halloween costume. Fans did their investigative work and revealed that the Halloween dress was first worn 43 exactly years ago.

Where Was This Halloween Dress Party?

The glittery costume is undoubtedly awesome. We don’t know if Harry Styles had planned this cosmic same-date setup for his Halloween dress up. But kudos to him if he actually did. Casamigos, the tequila brand had hosted this party and co-founder Mike Meldman’s mansion at Beverley Hills. Big-wigs including Nicky Hilton, Paris Hilton, Brody Jenner, and Cindy Crawford showed up in the evening, each in their respective Halloween costume.  But, we must say that it was the Halloween dress-up of our very own One Direction heartthrob that stood out the most. Those oversized pink glasses, the bedazzled Dodgers, the countless finger rings; all gave a perfect nod to the legendary Elton Jon.

Niall Horan Sings Praises for Harry Styles

Harry Styles is also the executive producer of the TV show ‘Happy Together’. Recently, bandmate Niall Horan took to Twitter to express that he is extremely fond of the TV show. ‘Happy Together’ is based on the early days of One Direction when Harry Styles lived with the band’s music video director and friend Ben Winston. It features Australian actor Felix Mallard as Harry Styles.

Harry Styles Halloween Dressup Coincides With The Release of Elton John Film Rocketman

Harry Styles is riding several boats. And for practically every justified reason, he makes it in the news. Whether it be his Halloween costume, or indications of his former bandmates like Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik. Additionally, Harry’s Halloween dress of Elton John coincides with the buzz surrounding the upcoming release of the Elton John film Rocketman. Not only this, but the party guests were also watching the Dodgers compete on a TV in one of the main rooms. Well, all this indeed assembles up into a strange, celestial network.

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