Bhad Bhabie threatens to leave OnlyFans if subscribers leak her pictures again

Danielle “Bhad Bhabie” Bregoli has been trending on the internet from last few days. It’s not a celebrity beef this time. Danielle turned 18 approx. 10 days back and she joined the famous exclusive content creator platform OF 3 days ago. While she made the record of earning her first million dollars through OF within 6 hours of joining the platform, she is planning to break more records in the coming days. And that’s why, she is not happy with people leaking her photos and giving free access to her exclusive content.

Bhad Bhabie is in a bhad mood

While Danielle Bregoli is happy with her successful debut on OF platform, she is not ecstatic about people leaking her images to the world “free of cost”. Her OF subscription rate is set at $23.99 per month. While this price seems higher than many adult content creators on the platform, Bhad Bhabie has not increased the subscription rates so far. Malu Trevejo had also joined OF after turning 18, and she was accused of scamming her fans by changing her subscription rates for a couple of days. She reverted them after getting backlash.

In just 3 days, Bhad Bhabie has gained many subscribers by now, more than one can imagine. That’s a lot of money. Among these subscribers are the people that are leaking her exclusive content from OF to Twitter and Reddit. The same has led her to threaten her fans as well. The “cash me outside” girl will leave OF if someone leaks her photos again. She also said that she’ll move to Mexico. And she seems serious since she came up with a way to figure out who is leaking her pictures in the first place.

Since Bhad Bhabie said that she will not post the typical content that is expected from OF creators, getting her “banned from the internet” only seems like a marketing tactic. However, she has specified that she would only send those pictures to random 20 people from her subscribers’ list. And if someone from these 20 people leaks those rare 5 images, she will leave the platform.

Whether she is serious about leaving the platform or not, only time will tell. It does seem like someone will definitely leak those images on the internet.

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