Jason Nash’s alleged girlfriend Rachel Velasco apologizes for sending screenshots to Trisha Paytas, debunks dating rumors

A few days ago, Jason Nash was seen with Rachel Velasco in his car, parked on a curbside. The Paparazzi reported that she seemed upset and might have been crying as well. After the recent Durte Dom s*xual assault article covered by Insider, seeing Jason with Rachel led to dating rumors. Many people reacted to the rumors, and that includes Trisha Paytas as well. However, both the involved parties kept silent for a week. Now, Rachel has shared a video on her YouTube channel, addressing both Jason and Trisha.

Rachel Velasco is not after “David Dobrik”

In the video titled my message to jason nash and trisha paytas, Rachel comes clean about the truth. She confirmed that she never thought she will be involved in a situation like this.

I just feel obligated to clear up a lot of rumors and misconceptions. Not only for myself.

Rachel Velasco started off by addressing a few disclaimers before diving into the matter. She is not a YouTuber. Moreover, the video is not a tea or entertainment. In fact, it’s based on her life and what she is going through. She also endorsed the fact that everyone is a human being and everyone has emotions. People are not perfect and they make mistakes. And she made the video so that people will stop going after her and Jason Nash.

Obviously Jason is not here to defend himself. And if I’m being honest with everyone, I haven’t spoken to him since everything started happening. So, I couldn’t tell you how he feels or where his head is. And his emotions are valid wherever his head is.

She also added that even though people would be expecting her to bash Vlog Squad in her video, she wouldn’t do it because she does not know them personally. Rachel Velasco only knows Jason Nash.

A lot of people think I’m a clout chaser. Or I was using him [Jason] to get to David.

She also confirmed that she does not know all the details of the current allegations against Vlog Squad, and that’s because she does not have the mental strength to go through it. Rachel said that she is an emotional person and she is learning to control her emotions.

She says she is not dating Jason Nash

Rachel Velasco confirmed that she met Jason when she was still living in Chicago, in 2019. She has now moved to LA. They became good friends back then. She confirmed that their connection was instant and they became really good friends.

The Jason I knew, he cares a lot about his family.

In her opinion, Jason had very good intentions. Therefore, she enjoyed her friendship with him as she found him hardworking and funny. She has a lot of Chicago friends, and LA friends. However, when she was moving to LA she didn’t have a friend that had gone through the same experience. Rachel Velasco confirmed that she was happy because of Jason who met her in Chicago and was living in LA.

so I thought I’ll always have Jason.

She also said that her Instagram captions were just for fun, and she never meant them to blow up as those captions did. Jason Nash is not her sugar daddy. She is not dating him and has never dated anyone.

I never had a significant other.

Rachel Velasco further addressed the hate she had been receiving hate for her OnlyFans account. People have been sending her hate messages because she is a s*x worker. She captioned her Tesla and Porsche pictures as “Sugar Daddy” as a joke and Rachel never thought it will go viral since people do not know her.

Addressing Trisha Paytas

Rachel said that people have also been comparing her to Trisha Paytas. However, she said that she is not like her at all as Trisha is beautiful.

there’s no reason everyone should be hating on Trisha. She had nothing to do with the situation until I got her involved. Which is my fault and I’m deeply sorry.

She also apologized to Trisha Paytas, Jason Nash, and everyone involved.

Me and Jason did fight a lot through our friendship. And there are things I wished he did differently.

However, there are things she wished she did differently as well. She considers him her best friend. And she will not tell anyone about the disagreements she has with him because that’s personal.

Comparing her friendship to Addison Rae & Kourtney Kardashian

Rachel Velasco compared her friendship to Jason Nash with Addison Rae and Kourtney Kardashian. People criticized their friendship as well because of the age gap. However, for them, that didn’t matter. That’s the same case with Rachel, as per her. She and Jason Nash might have a huge age gap. However, Rachel explained that not every person ages the same way and goes through the same experience.

She is also friends with many other older people and that has never bothered her.

Jason has always been there for me.

Rachel is grateful for people who are worried about her. However, Jason has been helping her a lot in her life whether it’s studies or work, etc. So, people should not be worried about her.

Rachel Velasco met Jason Nash in his car because she was worried for him

Even though she did not have the complete details of the recent allegations against the Vlog Squad, Rachel was seeing a lot of notifications on her phone regarding them. She knew Jason Nash for a long time and the “cancellation” of David Dobrik worried her. She also clarified that even though this video might give an impression of her defending Jason Nash or bailing out of the Vlog squad. However, Rachel Velasco’s emotions are coming from what Jason made her feel. She was not discrediting how he made others feel.

She also apologized to her viewers for not educating herself with the full situation. However, Rachel promised that she would work on it as soon as she handles her anxiety. Rachel Velasco clarified that she stands for the victims and what they went through [in the case of se*ual assault by Durte Dom\Vlog Squad].

She was just trying to hang out with Nash for a while and the recent situations were increasing her anxiety. So they were just hanging out for a few hours before the “Tesla video” was recorded. She also said that some people already knew about her association with Jason Nash since they have met in public before.

Two people reached out to me. And it was very, very, very hard for me to handle. They gave me a lot of anxiety.

Feeling uncomfortable, she reached out to Jason and told him about it.

If I’m being honest with everyone. I felt like he didn’t give a f*ck that it made me uncomfortable.

That made her mad because she was trying to reach out to him because she has severe anxiety and panic disorder issues. However, she felt that Jason was just blocking it all out and not paying attention. Rachel also said that she had unrealistic expectations from him since she always has anxiety and Jason was busy so he couldn’t come to her.

Addressing the Tesla video as she calls it, Rachel confirmed that she forgot her purse in the car as he drove back to her to give her that. She was sitting on the curbside waiting for her dog to leave the school, and she was crying because she is always crying for no reason. It makes her feel better.

The aftermath

When the video got viral and articles started coming out, her parents and everyone else contacted her. However, Jason Nash didn’t contact her when he left her there and he didn’t contact her when she was in the articles.

That pi*sed me off.

No contact from Jason Nash led to more anxiety. However, she now believes that she should have contacted him herself back then and not waited for him to take the step. Meanwhile, she was getting a lot of hate messages from people calling her crybaby, prostitute, etc, and asking her to kill herself. Some articles also presented her as a prostitute and even though she loves prostitutes, her parents are Catholic and strict. Rachel said that those articles were just worsening the situation for her as she was going back to Chicago for Easter. And she did not want her parents to judge her.

Addressing the Trisha Paytas situation

Rachel was having a panic attack one day and her friends were sleeping. She found a DM notification on her phone which was from Trisha Paytas. There was no text in it though so she thought that it might be a glitch or probably Trisha unsent the message after sending it. So, she contacted her and talked to her.

However, she believes that she should not have discussed Jason Nash with Trisha Paytas. She also said that Trisha shared that screenshot without asking for her permission. But she holds herself accountable for sending it to Trisha in the first place.

I do apologize to her for getting her involved. And I apologize to Jason for getting her involved.

However, Trisha Paytas sent her a nice message to stay strong and hang out with friends. And Rachel said that it helped her since Jason was not contacting her. She was really mad at him because he knew about her chronic anxiety. However, she also said that she should have been less cowardly and contacted him.

Towards the end of the video, Rachel apologized to the people who had a bad experience with Jason Nash. However, she says that her experience with him was good and she feels blessed for it. She also linked resources for Suicide Prevention, Anti-S*xual violence, National Domestic Violence Hotline, Anti-Asian Violence Resources, and Black Lives Matter Resources.

Is Rachel Velasco telling the truth about Jason Nash?

A Reddit account that might belong to Rachel Velasco, has contradictory statements. As per these posts, she talked about someone she was in love with. However, she was hurt because the guy was not committing to her.

In Trisha Paytas’s video, she talked about the marriage proposal and Rachel and Jason’s plans to marry when she turns 26.

There’s a possibility that she is telling the truth. There’s also a possibility that there’s still some information missing in the whole scenario and since Jason Nash is silent, we don’t know the other side of the story. Meanwhile, there are still some people calling her out for chasing clout even though she has repeatedly addressed her mental health in the video.

Some people on Twitter believe that the whole video was scripted.


That’s possibly because the reported Reddit account has Rachel Velasco’s OnlyFans account mentioned in the bio.


There is a lot going on in these sub-reddits. There are accusations against Trisha Paytas, which we believe she’ll address whenever she comes across it. On the other hand, Jason Nash has never discussed anything publicly. He once mentioned his bipolar disorder in David Dobrik’s now-deleted vlog, before Jason officially broke up with Trisha Paytas. In that vlog, they were already calling it quits because Jason said some things about Trisha he did not appreciate. And Trisha responded that all the girlfriends do it.

Jason Nash is one of those Vlog Squad members who have not yet addressed the Durte Dom s*xual allegation case. He has also not addressed the Seth Francois situation yet.

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