Tana Mongeau Subtly Calls Out Jason Nash for kissing her when she was younger?

Currently, the vlog squad’s past problematic behavior is coming to light with people digging up cases of misconduct that were caught on-screen. One is concerning Tana Mongeau and Jason Nash. The video that resurfaced shows a 19-year-old reluctant Tana Mongeau having to kiss a 43-year-old Jason Nash. This video went viral after Tana called out older men for making a move on her when she was much younger.

Old video resurfaces of Jason Nash kissing Tana Mongeau without her consent

Here is the video of Tana Mongeau saying that she was on a ‘fake date’ with Jason Nash, but it turned out to be a ‘real one’ which took her by surprise.

She also shared in the old clip that Jason Nash kissed her when she didn’t expect it. Nash replied nonchalantly saying,

“I thought you wanted me to”

Check out the video clip here:

Tana Mongeau recently tweeted out talking about her past instances of older men trying to date her when she was younger

The YouTuber tweeted out saying how wrong it was for older famous men to try to have a sexual or romantic encounter with her when she was underage and young:

to all the famous/successful old guys who dated or got at me when i was 17, 18, 19, and 20 ur fkn weeeird i see that sh*t now too with these young tiktok girls.. guys are weird if there’s a 10 year age gap & he just “understands you” something is wrong with his brain??


A user replied to the tweet saying it was problematic even if the older men aren’t famous. To that, Tana agreed:

oh 100%. it’s just sad to see a lot of these men obviously continue to succeed & be able to do the same sh*t to young girls. people definitely abuse their power.

And when someone was trying to call out Tana Mongeau for dating an older man by choice, she replied saying the men were more at fault:


Tana Mongeau also spoke up about how the influencer industry mistreats younger women such as her and how she had to go to drugs to cope with it:

it’s so sad to see all the times i was younger & clearly doing drugs to numb the sh*t this industry does to u all while being on camera.. crazy the way ppl in the industry close to me enabled it so i would be “crazier” and easier manipulated for money… glad i got out

There was a “joke” about Jason Nash having a threesome with Trisha Paytas and Tana

In one of the vlog squad videos, Jason Nash is whispering to David Dobrik and asking him to get Tana and Trisha into having a threesome with him. This threesome joke made Trisha Paytas really uncomfortable and she’s often visibly shared her discomfort. In one video, she resorted to taking off her clothes just so David would not put that bit inside his vlogs but he did it anyway. At the time, David Dobrik just laughed it off and never took her seriously.

Although now David Dobrik has deleted all his videos with Trisha Paytas in them, it still was something that deeply hurt and upset Trisha. It’s also one of the main reasons why Paytas ended up breaking up with Jason Nash. Paytas was not okay with Tana Mongeau, a younger influencer, being involved in a joke that even Tana herself didn’t like. Plus, the topic of cheating was something that made Trisha really insecure.

And something that Trisha constantly spoke about when she made the videos of calling out the vlog squad’s wrong behavior.

Trisha Paytas also made it clear that she had no ill will against Tana Mongeau, adding that Tana also found the threesome joke repulsive. It was also at the time when Paytas started to speak against all the problematic things that David Dobrik has people do for his vlogs.

Trisha Paytas was right all along because many women have come forward talking about the serious sexual assault they faced by Durte Dom (Dom Zeglaitis) when they appeared in Dobrik’s vlog squads. Dobrik has since apologized for his behavior twice but Trisha Paytas rejected the first as well as the second apology.

Let’s see if he apologizes to Tana Mongeau and whether Tana speaks up on the issue or not.

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