Chris Hemsworth is Feeling the Pressure to play Thor for the 8th Time!

By now, most people would think that playing Thor would be a walk in the park for Chris Hemsworth. But, that is far from being the case. In a recent interview, Hemsworth admitted that he is nervous to don the character for the eighth time in Marvel’s upcoming film Thor: Love and Thunder.

Chris Hemsworth is nervous to play Thor for the 8th time

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While talking to GQ, Chris Hemsworth admitted that Thor 4 has added new expectations from his work. You have to remember that this is probably Thor’s last appearance in an MCU film. And this is special, considering that Hemsworth’s character has been with the Avengers from the start. He said:

There’s that same — if not more — pressure now to do that again. So there’s a little bit of exciting nervous energy that is motivating all of us to reach a little further and make sure we’re covering all bases and approaching the scene from every angle.

Despite this nervousness, Chris Hemsworth is really enjoying his time working on Thor: Love and Thunder. And most of all, he’s enjoying work with Chris Pratt, who’ll play the role of Star-Lord in the movie. Both their characters have had a clash of egos in Avengers: Infinity War. And it largely stemmed from Quill’s insecurity related to Thor’s physique. They later teamed up at the end of Avengers: Endgame, after making Valkyrie the ruler of New Asgard. There seemed to be some tension between Quill and Thor, but in the end, Thor did admit to Quill’s role as the leader of the ship. Chris Hemsworth talked about working with Pratt, saying:

The guy is wildly impressive with the spontaneity and the humour and the things he comes up with. It’s both funny, inspiring and intimidating.

About filming in Australia

Other than that, Chris Hemsworth cherished the fact that Thor 4 is being shot in Australia. This gave him an opportunity to hang out with his friends, Edris Elba and Matt Damon, in Byron Bay, where he lives with his wife Elsa Pataky. Hemsworth said:

I’ve known those guys for years. Often, you just see each other on the set or at an awards show and don’t get to have normal hang out time. So it’s great, and that’s the case with a lot of the cast at the moment who’ve been on Thor – to be doing this in my backyard and be able to show them around the place is a huge luxury.

Sadly, we’ll have to wait a while for Thor: Love and Thunder to arrive in theatres. We’ll have to wait a while for Hemsworth to reunite with Natalie Portman under the guidance of Taika Waititi. The movie is set for release on February 11, 2022.

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