People turn to Twitter as Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook stop working

Things do not look good as the favorite applications go down while the weekend approaches. Currently, Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp are the applications that are not working. Thinking their IDs might be hacked and deactivated, many people turned to Twitter to confirm what’s happening and complain about the down apps.

Memes are going viral on Twitter as Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook stop working

The whole family has apparently ditched its users without any intimation or warning. These applications have gone down for the users across the world. Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp are all part of the Facebook Company. And being under the same company, these apps run on the same technology.

When the users tried to access their apps, they noticed error alerts when the apps failed to update feed, or send/receive messages. The Instagram was giving “5xx error” while Facebook was just showing a blank page. For Whatsapp, users were unable to send or receive messages.

The apps are back online just now. There is no notification of why the applications were not working. However, here are some memes that went viral on Twitter.

People who did not check Twitter first, thought that there is an issue with their internet.

Many users were happy that Twitter does not belong to the Facebook Company. And probably it never will.

Some memes were not only viral. They were pretty hilarious.

Twitter Headquarters had an amazing hour for sure.

For real though, there are many users who find Twitter complicated when compared to Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. However, they all turned to Twitter to kill some time until the three apps went back online.

The hashtags and keywords Instagram, Instagram down, Whatsapp, Y’all Instagram My Instagram and similar words are still trending on Twitter. People are seemingly using these keywords just to become a part of the whole trending thing.

This is not the first time the apps have stooped working out of nowhere. Anyways, the apps are back and you can start using them again.

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