Bob Odenkirk teases intense finale for ‘Better Call Saul’

After 5 extremely successful seasons, Better Call Saul has managed to make its own identity among Breaking Bad fans. So much so that some even dare to say that it is better than the original show itself! And now, the show is close to releasing its ultimate season 6. And one of the lead stars of the show Bob Odenkirk is teasing us with an intense finale.


Odenkirk recently picked up his fourth Golden Globe Award nomination for Better Call Saul.  And he was very pleased with the nomination, as he spoke to Deadline:

The nomination is a reminder that there’s other people out there in the world, that we’re part of a community.

Furthermore, Odenkirk mentioned how the lockdown and social distancing has kept him from meeting and socializing with his fellow cast and crew members and celebrating this nomination with them. Get-togethers were a big part of their work, but that’s not the case now, as Odenkirk said:

We haven’t seen each other because there’s no get-togethers, there’s no awards and the benefit shows that you’re a part of, that are big part of … this very social business. But even just getting the nomination … it reminds me that I’m in this community of people I like very much.

Bob Odenkirk teases the finale as being “super intense”

Finally, Bob Odenkirk did tease the readers with the upcoming Better Call Saul finale. And he believes we are in for a ride. Odenkirk said:

I can’t wait for the fireworks, really. Our show is a bit of a slow burn over the past few years, and [creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould] build up. There’s certainly exciting moments throughout, but towards the end, it gets super supremely intense.

And sure enough, Better Call Saul’s ending will have a profound effect on how we look at Breaking Bad. And Bob Odenkirk is not the only one to say that, as co-creator Peter Gould revealed back in August:

I think by the time you finish watching Better Call Saul, you’re going to see Breaking Bad in a very different light. I think we’re going to learn things about the characters in Breaking Bad that we didn’t know. We’re going to learn things about the events of Breaking Bad that we didn’t know. We’re going to learn things about the fates of a lot of these characters that may surprise people or certainly throw them into a different light.

Season 6 of Better Call Saul is set to air in 2021, but we don’t have a definitive release date yet. However, you can expect to see the final season on Netflix. There’s a lot that the show has yet to answer. For instance, the fate of Kim Wexler, Lalo Salamanca, Nacho Varga, and all the intertwined plots of that incredible show. Stay tuned to get any future updates on Better Call Saul and to see if Odenkirk was right or not.

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