Star Wars fans found an Easter Egg in ‘Mandalorian’ Season 2 Finale

The Mandalorian season 2 finale will probably go down as one of the greatest in Star Wars canon. Our heroes were pinned down in a corner, with Din Djarin and his friends trying their best to protect Baby Yoda (Grogu). And then, suddenly an X-wing appears out of nowhere. And in it, was Luke Skywalker who massacred the Dark Troopers and saved Baby Yoda. Thus, Luke finally takes Grogu as his young padawan to train him into a Jedi. However, Luke Skywalker was not the only easter egg in The Mandalorian’s finale. In fact, there was another one. And the showrunners hid it well within the episode.

For months, fans were not sure if Luke Skywalker would make an appearance in The Mandalorian. There were rumors, but nothing concrete that would suggest Mark Hamill was making a comeback. And then, there was this problem of trying to make him look young enough for the scene. But, John Favreau managed to pull it off somehow, using the fancy CGI that Disney used in Rogue One and The Rise of Skywalker. And now, fans are wondering what the season 2 finale of The Mandalorian means for the show going forward. That said, there was one fan who noticed an incredible easter egg in the finale. They noticed a parallel between Luke Skywalker’s incredible entry and another very important moment in the prequels.

An easter egg in The Mandalorian season 2 finale

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A Reddit user did a side-by-side comparison of the final episode of The Mandalorian season 2 and the scene where Anakin Skywalker massacred young children in the Jedi Temple in The Revenge of The Sith. The emotional beat of the scene and the visuals just show how far off the father and son are from each other. Both of them were powerful Jedis, but their paths couldn’t be more different.

In Revenge of the Sith, Anakin reveals that he was the Sith Lord and killed innocent Jedi kids and effectively almost finished the Jedi order. On the other hand in The Mandalorian, Luke is butchering all the Dark Troopers and using the force for good as the Last Jedi, to protect a young child Grogu who is strong with the force and wants to rebuild the Jedi order with him. The contrast couldn’t be higher. Here’s the pictorial comparison as made by the Reddit user:

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Of course, the father-son duo is similar in one aspect – they both failed. Anakin failed the Jedi by turning to the dark side. Whereas Luk’s failure was based on Ben Solo, who ultimately destroyed his new Jedi Temple and because of whom, the Galaxy once again went into chaos.

That said, the audience is now more focused on seeing how Grogu and Mando will work things out in season 3 of The Mandalorian. 

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