Is there a Coup Happening in America?

As absurd as it sounds, but there was an attempt for a coup in the United States of America. It happened in Washington D.C., right inside the U.S. Capitol building. It sounds like something out of an action or a spy thriller, but it happened in reality. There was a coup in America. And none of these words are hyperbole.

Trump supporters march into the Capitol and attempt a coup

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Today’s the day that the U.S. Congress was supposed to give congressional certification to the 2020 US Elections. However, that was not something that Trump supporters could fathom. As a result, they stormed into the U.S. Capitol, overran Capitol Police, broke windows, and finally invaded the floor of the Senate chamber. This was effectively an attempted coup in America.

Things got so heated in the Capitol that Mike Pence had to be escorted out of the building by the Secret Service. Moreover, both chambers of Congress had to abruptly cease their sessions as well. As a result, the Trump protesters were able to block the certification of the election, even if for a limited amount of time. They violently denied the entrance of a newly elected government, amounting to a coup attempt on the United States of America.

There were reports of shots being fired, guns drawn inside the Senate chamber, and reports of pipe bombs installed in the headquarters of the DNC and the RNC and in the grounds of the Capitol! This is exactly how a coup looks like. And that amounts to treason. Democracy just survived a coup in America. Let that sink in.

The police were non-existent

And to make matters regarding the coup worse, the Capitol police were lax. In fact, there are videos of them shooting selfies with the Trump supporters. However, it’s hard to believe the police behaving in such a way to deal with Black Lives Matter protestors. Here’s a video:

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s a video of Capitol Police retreating and opening the barricade to insurrectionists waving MAGA flags, Gadsden flags, and even Confederate flags. The police was very much a party to this coup:

Furthermore, YouTuber Elijah Schaffer was also among the Pro-Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol building. We know that because he tweeted and then deleted a photo of the inside of Nancy Pelosi’s office:

Trump’s words were building up to this attempted coup on American democracy

And no one can say that they didn’t see this attempted coup coming. Donald Trump and his rhetoric after his comprehensive defeat at the hands of Joe Biden has been undermining the will of the people. First, Trump tried to mount a coup through legal means. However, that failed miserably with a lot of humiliation not just for Trump but for Republicans as well.

But that wasn’t the end of it. He had been calling protesters to Washington D.C. for weeks. And with such hostile rhetoric against American democracy, they showed up. And they didn’t just protest, they rioted and mounted a coup in America. Therefore, no media outlets friendly to the President or conservatives can deny this fact any longer. And this attempted coup is the end result. How America now responds to this is up to them.

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