Paul McCartney still struggles with John Lennon’s death

The assassination of John Lennon will always be one of the darkest moments in the history of music. However, it was particularly devastating for his fellow Beatles band members, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, and especially Paul McCartney. The relationship that Sir Paul and John shared is a secret to no one. Not only did they have a formidable songwriting partnership, but were best friends too. And that is why John Lennon’s death hit Paul McCartney particularly hard. Even 40 years later, he still struggles with his death.

Paul McCartney is not over John Lennon’s death

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While talking to CBS on Monday, the interviewer asked him how he was processing John Lennon’s murder 40 years on. Sir Paul said:

I’m not sure I am. It’s very difficult for me, and I occasionally will have thoughts and sort of say, ‘I don’t know, why don’t I just break down crying every day?’ Because it’s that bad.

When Paul McCartney was further asked if he cries about it, he said:

Not every day, you know? There will be times that I just have memories and just think, ‘Oh my God, it was just so senseless.’

And sure enough, Paul McCartney’s relationship with John Lennon fluctuated over the years. They fought and reconciled multiple times with each other. But, that is exactly how family members behave with each other. And despite the differences, they were still family.

On how the Beatles’ songs are still popular

Furthermore, Sir Paul also talked about the legacy left by the Beatles, especially how their music resonates with people to this day and how it connects with people. When asked how his music feels so relatable to listeners, he said:

I’m not sure I have an answer. Something to do with the structure of the song. There’s no spare stuff that shouldn’t be in there. It’s the exact amount of stuff that should be on that record.  But I am amazed at how it keeps going. I’m amazed, maybe I’m amazed.

On Friday, 18th of December, Paul McCartney released a new album named McCartney III. It is his third record in a solo trilogy, with McCartney I in the 1970s and McCartney II in the 1980s. Make sure that you don’t miss out on it!

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